My Priceless Jewellery


Hello there!

I would like to share something with you. It’s the story of my most treasured jewellery items that I love and wear, literally, every single day. I am one of those girls who don’t wear a lot of jewellery. Yet, the ones I wear mean a lot to me. A piece of jewellery can be a great adition to your style but if it actually means something or has a story, they really become priceless, regardless of how much you (or someone else) had paid for it, right?

Since I came to England, I’ve been constantly wearing two jewellery items: a ring and a pendant. I would occasionally choose different earrings or the second ring but that ring and that pendant are something I wear constantly. That is because both of them have a meaning to me and eventually have become my most valuable pieces of jewellery..

Success Pendant


On my last day at home, just before I moved to England, my family took me on a trip to one of the most famous islands in our country. We wanted to visit museums and the castle and to spend our last day together. My suitcases were ready at home and I only had less than a day to enjoy the company of the people I knew I would miss the most. I guess it’s no surprise I was so excited for the trip. Apart from that it was an amazing time spent with my family, I got this amber pendant as a little Good Luck gift from them. You can see a symbol carved in the center of it, which is a Sowilo rune of guidance, goal setting, and success. I don’t usually believe in things like that, and it was enough for me to know that my family gave it to me wishing me luck. However, I was so nervous about moving countries and worried about how everything would turn out for me, that I unintentionally started seeing this amber pendant as my symbol of success. As silly as it may sound, I have been wearing it for as long as I’m in England. It actually became priceless to me as it reminds me of my home and family each and every second.

Travel Ring


Another piece of jewellery, which is also not expensive at all, is this massive ring. A couple of months before moving to England, I went to Spain and decided to buy something that would remind me of that beautiful beautiful country. My love for Spain is something that will never go away, and I would love to come back there at least for a holiday some time soon. So, this ring is something that brings me all the best memories about that time in Spain. It was the best holiday ever! Apart from that, I fell in love with a rather unusual shape of this ring, although I never used to wear massive jewellery at all. Statement jewellery is not my style in general or at least not something I would wear every day. Yet, regardless of how huge this ring is, it became my every day ring.

Jewellery can be part of your style but it can also mean way more than just a nice accessory. I love when it has a story. That said, I want to tell you about, which is an online auction website offering a different items, including jewellery to bid on.


  After I found out about it, I have spent quite some time on that page just staring at some of those absolutely beautiful bracelets, rings and, of course, pendants (I have a thing for pendants, what can I say). So, I guess it will not be a surprise that I already have a few faves on that page!

Take a look!


Do you have any jewellery items that are important and meaningful to you? Share in the comments!



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