July Favourites

Hello there!

So, it is that time of the month again. The time when I tell you all about the things I loved this month but most importantly, spend an unbelievable amount of time reading about the things YOU loved. Which is why I would love to see the links to your July Favourites in the comments below!


Favourite Skincare Product

VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream


Basically, I already dedicated the whole post to tell you about it, but I decided to include VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream to my July Favourites post too. It’s not because the product is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tried. However, I have been using it this month mostly and it became part of my skincare routine. For me, it is a great moisturizing night cream.

Favourite Movie

Spy (2015)


Now I have to say, I am very picky in terms of comedies and would rather not watch a movie at all than watch something I see as stupid rather than funny. So, when the people I was going to watch a movie with picked Spy for our movie night, I was rather uninterested. The shalowest beginning ever didn’t impress me either. Yet, 20 minutes further in the movie and I caught myself laughing like crazy. It’s stupid sometimes but funny most of the time. When I had to pick the favourite movie of the month, I instantly remembered this one.

Favourite Blog Post

Came Along Molli – Life Lately


Because it was an emotional, honest and optimistic text that I just could relate to. Not only does it sum up a bunch of negative things life can throw at you at once but also shows how one can still get through it even if it seems way too difficult. Many can relate to her story and feelings she wrote about, and I am just happy that she did write it at all.

Favourite Dessert



I have to admit, even though I have also mentioned it before in my post about my trip to London, I would be silly not to include them to my favourites. This was the first time ever that I tried macaroons and cannot imagine anything tastier now. I particularly loved the rose petals flavour and am definitely getting those anytime I am in London (or if I ever find them in my town). I still can’t believe I managed to spend my whole life without trying macaroons. Favourite treat ever!

Favourite Make-up Item

Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation


My new Rimmel foundation is definitely not new in the market, but I tried it for the first time and I am amazed by it! I love absolutely everything about this drugstore foundation, starting with the price and ending with the way it looks on my face. It’s not too runny, and I actually especially love the consistency of the foundation. It’s also buildable and smells very nice. Not that many people care about the scent of the foundation they use, but that’s just me being me. The scent of the product may be the only reason I decide to buy it sometimes.

Favourite Event

Outdoors Cinema in Colchester


I have mostly spent July working and meeting friends in our usual places for a coffee or a drink, so I can’t tell I had many events this month. However, my favourite event was probably the outdoor cinema in the Castle Park in Colchester. We watched Amelie (I know I know, it’s old) and combined with the company I had, it became my favourite event of the month.

So, that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed the post.

 P.S I know I’m repeating myself, but please leave your links to your July Favourites posts, guys! I am so eager to read them all!



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