#Tumblr Inspiration 1: City Love


Hello there!

You might have heard already that I do have a Tumblr account, what I think about Tumblr, and that I like spending some time there occasionally.

Tumblr is something I use only for looking at the pictures, reading discussions and stocking celebrities that I like and respect. There, I said it. I am not really that active or interactive on Tumblr but I love it as my source of inspiration.

As you probably know, pictures is a huge part of this social media platform and I spent way too much time looking at them sometimes. Therefore, I decided to share my Tumblr Inspiration* once in a while. And here’s the first!

tumblr photos inspiration city

City is what makes my heart a little happier. I know that will change eventually, but as a city girl currently living in a rather small town, I am pretty much obsessed with the photos of cities.

Amila ♥

*None of the photos posted under “Tumblr Inspiration” are mine.


4 thoughts on “#Tumblr Inspiration 1: City Love

    1. So cool, thanks! I’ll be happy to write the post. And I’m a bit obsessed with photos of cities too, especially cities at night. 🙂

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