Why Would You Want to Live Abroad? TOP 5 Surprising Reasons


Moving abroad, be it a neighbour country  or the one at the other end of the globe, is a huge deal. So huge that no tips on what to squeeze in your luggage or how to find a job can actually prepare you for what is coming. There is an endless list of things that will make you question your decision and think about booking the next flight home for good. That’s a sad reality people have to accept one way or another.

I am not saying there’s only a negative side. There’s always a positive side in every decision we make. And there is also an endless list of good experiences that you will probably have while living abroad.

Today, however, I want to talk about the reasons why to make this decision at all. Before I moved to England, 99% of the people I know asked me why. Some wished me the best of luck, some tried to warn me instead, but literally everyone asked why, which actually was an extremely difficult question for me to answer. Not because I didn’t know why the heck I was doing it but because I felt like there’s always a list of reasons that pushes you to make such a decision, even though people want to hear just one simple answer. As if that was so easy!

So, here’s a list of reasons, why you might want to go and live in another country. I don’t include, however, the most obvious ones. I mean, it’s easy to understand people who move abroad temporarily and for a clear purpose, such as to attend uni, for work, to visit someone, or to travel. But why would you decide to live there?

You want to learn the language

You’re a true linguist in your little curious heart. So, deep down you know that there’s no better way to learn a language than to live in the country where it’s spoken. One reason for that is because usually, even if you learn a great number of words, can understand grammar and even write pretty well, speaking is what most people struggle with. The lack of real practice of speaking in a foreign language is the reason you rarely learn it perfectly. But imagine yourself thrown in the country where the only way you can get what you want or need is by actually communicating in that language. You suddenly lose all your fears and insecurities about speaking and just do it!

Sure, you can learn the language at school, in university, by watching movies and reading in that language. But I am talking about a different level of knowing it. I am talking about acquiring the language to the level where you understand and speak it naturally and are able to use it to suit and express your personality the way you do in your native tongue. Not to mention that some things you’ll hear abroad will be never ever seen in the textbooks.

You want to start over


Sometimes, and even if you don’t think this might be a good enough reason to make such a big decision, you just need to get away. Be it your current life situation, love, family dramas or dissatisfaction with your career. Sometimes people need to make massive and brave decisions, like moving countries, and start a fresh new life because it’s too difficult to do that while being in the same environment. Sometimes people feel too attached to their routines and habits and need a so called “shock therapy”, which trust me, you get when you start living abroad.

You’re an English Major and you love it


… And therefore pick England as the country you want to live in. If you’re an English Major, you’re not only interested in reading and writing, ok? Among other things, you love the language itself, you’re interested in it as a subject and, even more importantly, you develop a huge affection for the culture, too. Which makes it almost impossible not to consider living in England and I get it, my friend, because I am that English Major too.

You’re too safe and you like risks

I have talked to a great number of people who decided to live overseas and one thing they all have in common is including challenging yourself among the reasons to make such a decision. You don’t have to be a self-help fanatic to realize that living strictly in your comfort zone puts a huge number of limits on you and every aspect of your life. Believe it or not, some people dislike the idea so much that they make effort to challenge themselves, consciously take risks and make big life-changing decisions. Well, talk about life changes when you move abroad!

You fall in love with a foreigner

You might think this is a cheesy one but think about the things love makes us do! If you had a chance to truly fall in love with someone, moving abroad might not sound as a bad choice. Actually, it might sound as the only and the best decision you can make. Best of luck, if that is your reason. Two people can survive much more together and the exciting things you experience creating a life in a new country can make you twice as happy!


You want to meet Harry Styles

… And therefore consider moving to England.


Ok, this was a bad joke, don’t kill me.

BUT if you are crazyand stupid passionate enough to consider such an even crazier and more stupid unusual decision, just don’t, ok? Just trust me on this one.

One thing I can tell you if you are actually trying to build a life in a whole new country, especially if you went there alone, is that you’re a hella strong person and I adore you already! Tell me about your experiences or add any more surprising reasons to the list!

Amila ♥


2 thoughts on “Why Would You Want to Live Abroad? TOP 5 Surprising Reasons

    1. I can totally understand the feeling, went through that myself! Think carefully if this is what you really want.I must say, if you really want it, you’ll do it eventually. Good luck! Oh by the way, which country you’re thinking about?

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