newlook dresses

Hello beauties!

Show me one person who doesn’t feel like the summer time is going way too fast! While I am sad too, I also think the middle of the summer is the best time for summer clothes shopping! We still have more than a month of beautiful weather left and many shops offer summer clothes on sale. I checked out NewLook and found many cute dresses on sale right now. This is my Top 5 New Look dresses I loved, and I am pretty sure I’m buying the number 4 tomorrow (if I can still find it).

You have to love this navy lace mini dress! I love the color and the cute flower print. Cinched waist dresses are one of my favourites. You also have two other color options in lilac or yellow.

From £34.99 to £11.00

2. Blue Geo Print Swing Dress


You can only find one color option of this casual short-sleeved summer dress. I find it really beautiful and suitable for many occasions. It can make you look casual and relaxed but you can also wear it for more formal occasions if you know what to combine it with, right?

From £17.99 to £6.00

3. Lime Green Bandeau Bandage Skater Dress


Now that’s what I call the color for summer! Lime green will show your tan perfectly. Excellent for a night out.

From £22.99 to £10.00

4. Khaki Chiffon Belted Mini Dress


Definitely my type of dress. I love everything about it starting with the color, design and material. I love that it’s sleeveless and I especially appreciate that it doesn’t show every little curvy detail on your body. Even if you don’t have any, this kind of dress makes you look relaxed and actually feel comfortable. There’s another color option in chestnut.

From £19.99 to £6.00 (Say WHAAAT? I need this!)

5. Black Stripe V Neck Mini Dress


I can almost bet stripes will never be out of fashion! Black and white too. Another color option is red/white.

From £12.99 to £6.00

Does any of the dresses look like the right choice for you?

Amila ♥


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