Annoying Tourists: Another Day in London

As a total newbie in England (it’s been at least 8 months now that I’m here but there are literally so many things to learn before I call myself otherwise), I can never resist the opportunity to go to London. I’m fine with any occasion – to see a performance, to try a new restaurant, to go to the Winter Wonderland, you name it!

Last week, however, I decided I should just buy a train ticket, take my lovely British friend with me (because she’s extremely nice and knows London, and, well, my sense of direction is something people like to mock about) and just be a super annoying tourist in London for one day. I mean, sorry my fellow London bloggers, but I was as annoying as the tourists described in your posts about the city! Visiting 4 famous city’s places, stopping every few steps to take millions of pictures and therefore getting lost too many times were my goals for the day, and I achieved all of them.


We decided to visit the British Museum, Covent Garden, Hyde Park, and Notting Hill.

The British Museum

It’s no accident that we chose the British Museum as the first object to visit – it’s super huge and if you really want to see everything and read everyting about it, you need a good night’s sleep and the whole day dedicated to the place. I am not even joking, 2 hours in the Museum was enough, especially having in mind that we had three other places to visit!

However, British Museum is a very educational and interesting object to explore. Ancient Egypt part was what I loved the most, and you would too, if you’re as fascinated about by the mysterious hystory of it as I am. Who doesn’t like to see some ancient peoples’ bones or sarcophagi or to read about how to mummify a person? Well… ok, maybe not everyone.


Covent Garden

Our next stop was the famous Covent Garden. Not only it’s a super busy place full of many shops known world-wide, but it is also extremely beautiful. At first, I saw a magician, trying to show a a trick for a large group of people. However, I didn’t manage to see the end of it as a cute little Laduree shop caught my eye. And I did not regret a second spent there, especially not while eating the most delicious macaroons that I found at Landuree! (I tried the rose petal flavour macaroon, which I didn’t even know existing. I am now in love with rose petal flavour in deserts, if I can find any haha!)

11721168_10204512104503117_1439131049_n_Fotor_Collage_FotorNotting Hill

If you have a day in London, make sure you go and visit the famous Notting Hill. Just for the sake of walking in the same streets as Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in their famous film “Notting Hill”, we spent quite some time there. The main street offers you to visit a huge number of various vintage shops and butiques, quite a few places to eat, and the same book shop that the famous fictional couple “met” in the movie. We found many things to look at or buy, visited the book shop and eventually ate in the Jamaican restaurant, which offers a short menu of delicious food!

london 2

Hyde Park

To be totally honest with you, we spent very little time in the park as we were quite tired, thirsty and decided that we had seen enough after walking around for half an hour. The park was huge, beautiful, and it was nice to be in the place you see in so many movies.

hyde park london

However, we were exhausted and decided that finding some chairs and snacks was the best decision at that moment. So eventually, we went to this Argentinian restaurant called Moo, which can be found at Brick Lane. Olives and calamari were the perfect snacks with drinks. I actually really loved the place. Not only because of the nice interior but also because of excellent customer service in Moo. We got a lecture about our wrong Spanish pronunciation of the beer title, and we tried to come up with apologies in Spanish, but the truth was, none of us could remember the correct words. Anyway, the waiters were very welcoming, polite and chatty, which I am always amazed by if I see waiters/waitresses like that at the end of a long and exhausting day of dealing with customers. Those who have tried working in the catering will understand!


 It was actually an amazing day for me as a person who’s pretty much in love with London. In fact, being a tourist is fun too. So, I am already planning to see another four famous objects/places during my next trip to London. Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Annoying Tourists: Another Day in London

  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Make sure next time you go to Greenwich and check out the view from the Observatory – one of the BEST spots in London.
    And if you want the best experience – take the Thames Clipper boat down from central London….!

    1. Ahh I’m so glad to hear you like the photos! And thanks for the suggestions, I haven’t even think about Observatory or taking a little boat trip. I certainly have to google some things now while planning my next trip to London. Thanks!

  2. Visit one of the food markets whilst it’s still summer! Like the one in Dalston for their street feast market. There’s plenty of food stands for you to choose from. Or must try the borough market!

    1. Thank you Kay-Ann for your suggestions! I will try to include them in my next trip to London, hopefully soon. I heard about the borough market before, sounds super fun!

      1. Yes it is! And if you’re down in the next month or two, there’s also outdoor cinemas around London! It’s worth the expereince! But make sure you book the tickets in advance! 🙂 Hope you enjoy your next trip down!

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