4 Summer Accessories under £5

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a rather girly post again. I have spent some time looking for the summer accessories in online shops today and found at least a few hundred of those that I loved and, of course, would like to buy. Just to let you know, it’s not a sponsored post or anything. I just went to Forever 21 online shop and was surprised by the variety of the loveliest tiny and interesting accessories they sell there for so little. That’s why I put 4 ideas of accessories they sell for less than £5 and I would personally like to have too (I might as well buy them today!).


1. Floral Gauze Headwrap £3.00

Now this is the one thing that usually you either love or hate. It’s very girly and not for anybody’s taste. I personally don’t usually wear head accessories at all but would like to try this floral headwrap some time. It’s not an accident I chose the black one – I’d rather wear it as an addition to my outfit than the main accent. However, it’s a nice accessory for those who love headwraps, especially to wear in summer.

2. Triangle Necklace Set £4.50

Well this is something I personally really like. I mean, I do like statement necklaces but for everyday wear, I’d rather choose something simple and classy. I also like to attach some meanings to this kind of necklaces and you can always find a meaning for a triangle as a symbol! Also, it comes as a set of 2 necklaces in total for less than £5!

3. Rhinestone Cutout Ring Set £4.50

To look a little more glamorous and fancy, on the evening out in summer, you can try this set of three rings. They are designed to be worn mid-finger, which is not such a new thing but still trendy. So, if you find it comfortable (I know for sure that not everybody likes to wear rings like that), go for it!

4. Beaded Headband Set £3.00

Strangely enough, when I first saw  the picture of this, I instantly decided this was a bracelet! And I would really really be happy to wear a bracelet like this. However, it actually is a different kind of headband, which I wouldn’t wear everyday, but would definitely add it to my summer party outfits or during the holiday to wear on the beach.

Do you like Forever 21 or maybe even have some of these accessories? Any favourites? I’d love to hear your opinions!


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