Make Time for Your Secret Passion

Hello everyone!

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I know that Monday is not the best day of the week for a lot of people. However, why don’t we try and get motivated today instead of labeling Monday as the worst day of the week?

A lot of us are trapped in our daily routines more than we realise. Waking up every morning, going to work and (maybe) working out or taking care of our families or other commitments that we have leave only so much time and energy to do what we have secretly wanted to do for a long time. Chances are, though, some of us don’t actually know that we want to do something. Or, we would like to, but never actually believed we could. After all, there’s not enough time.

I have to admit that I often am thinking the same and telling myself the same excuses. But then I eventually come to the point where I think “screw that”, excuse me my language, and decide to do something I really wanted to do but never thought I could. I also believed that it required so much time that it was impossible for me to do it. But let me tell you something – time is not the problem. It’s about how willing you are to break your so comfortable routine and actually commit to doing something else. It’s about making time for the things that are important to us. And I am pretty sure you understand that if you have been thinking about something for a long time, imagined how you do that and how your life would be diffrent because of that or almost tried it once but “there was not enough time” – that means this is something important to you.

Have you been secretly plotting the stories in your mind but are afraid you couldn’t actually manage to write one? Have you been searching the web and looking at the photos of people that transformed their bodies by working out but thought there’s not enough money or time to go to the gym? Have you been drawing sketches on the pieces of paper on your lunch break at work and quickly hid them when the work mate joined you for lunch? This means something.

There’s always a way. It only depends on weather or not you are willing to give yourself a chance. Why don’t you skip one tv show this week and write a summary of your story? If you get excited enough, you’ll definitely want to skip another show next week and write a bit of that story. To transform your body requires SO MUCH but money is not the number 1 thing that you need. You can start working out at home, run in the park or don’t eat burgers for a month and thus save some money for the next month gym! Why don’t you collect every sketch you’ve ever drawn and show it to the world online? There’s always a chance somebody likes it and asks you for another drawing for their project. Even if nobody asks you that, somebody will like it and you will be doing something you like. There are so many possibilities that we don’t know about but, most importantly, don’t allow ourself to have a chance of finding out.

You have to really get annoyed with yourself to just say “screw that” and just do something that feels weird, useless and time consuming but brings you the joy you didn’t even expect to feel.

In the times when we do a lot of things that we are expected or bound to do, some ideas, passions, and desires that come solely from inside of us are worth atention and, most importantly, worth making the time for.

This is where the magic happens.

Amila ♥

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