Movie Night: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Review

Pitch Perfect 2 movie review 2015

Not everyone is the biggest fan of musicals, although Pitch Perfect 2 is not exactly one, but almost everyone wants to see the sequence of the popular Pitch Perfect. The Bellas are back and they are back with some noise! So I had to see this almost only because I saw or heard so many people waiting for the movie to be released. I also knew that Pitch Perfect 2 is one of those movies you can choose when you’re in a bad mood and just want to relax and watch something particularly easy. So, I had one of those days and I watched it.

Imdb Rating – 7,0/10

The movie tells us about how the story of the Barden Bellas goes on. You would ask “What is there to tell?” and you would be right, but those who created the story knew that you would ask this and therefore decided to give something for us to be curious about. The movie opens with a capella sounds and you instantly know what to look forward to, especially if you like a capella music. It shows the Bellas in a huge a capella competition where they sing a few famous songs. However, suddenly their “Timber” performace… well, goes very wrong. The accident almost determines their career to fail in the future as well as sets the tone for the movie. After the shameful performance, Bellas were suspended and their dreams were put into risk. Now they have to restore their reputation as a group and figure out how to prove their worth again, which is what the movie is basically about. That probably sounds familiar and, well, boring, and it’s exactly what I think about the movie. Apart from the funny scenes and a great Rebel Wilson’s performance, the movie is totally predictable. I would like to praise Anna Kendrick’s performance too but I just think she can do so much better.

There were definitely some scenes and ideas that I loved in Pitch Perfect 2. First, Beka and Chloe seem like the two opposites in terms of how they could possibly react to the situation and what they want to do with their lives. They sound like the two voices we hear sometimes in each of our heads, one of them saying “Let’s face the reality, let’s find a real job and stop dreaming” while the other is shouting “Let’s do everything that’s possible to achieve our dreams”.  Similarly, one of my favourite scenes from the movie, for example, shows Beka talking to a producer who tells her to find her voice and what unique and special she has to say. That is something that got to me as it is what we, especially being in our 20s, have to face every day in our careers, relationships or just life in general. Another favourite scene that actually still makes me smile when thinking about it is Fat Amy’s “soloing”. God, she has no shame and that’s what you can definitely love her for. Also, the people’s reaction after she does her “soloing” to the guy is hilarious!


Other than these and a few other scenes that I like, I find the performances really weird and not funny. That’s basically because I don’t find characters based on stereotypes particularly funny, so to speak. I don’t think all blond girls are stupid, all fat girls are clumsy, all gays have particular manners and that you’re either a talanted artist or intelligent. I don’t like stereotypes and I don’t like if all actors in the movie are representing just that. However, many people find it funny and I can’t and don’t want to argue with that because that’s just my personal taste and belief.

Another thing that I actually loved about Pitch Perfect 2 was the soundtrack. I feel like they did what they were supposed to do in a genre like that. There were some great a capella versions of the popupar 90s songs as well as current pop singles. You can here songs like “Torn”, “Timber”, “Wrecking Ball” or “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. The Jessy J song “Flahslight”, created specifically for Pitch Perfect 2, is now one of my current favourite songs and I just can’t stop listening to it!

So, my rating of the movie would be 6/10 only because I think the soundtrack fulfilled the expectations, some scenes were absolutely funny, and I can’t resist appreciating some “real-life” topics that I could definitely relate to. If you want an easy movie and are interested in a capella covers of popular songs, go for it!

What’s your rating of Pitch Perfect 2?

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