What I Learned From Secretly Being on Tumblr

Social media - TumblrThe majority of us uses at least a few social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram probably being the most popular ones. Tumblr is big too, although it doesn’t seem to be taken as seriously for bussiness purposes.  It is still very popular among younger audience. I, however, am on Tumblr just to look around. I mean, I follow a lot of blogs but don’t post anything. I use Tumblr for inspiration and sometimes end up scrolling down my dashboard for way too long, which might be a waste of time, but I  would still cry if I had to delete my account.

While I use Tumblr to inspire myself, look at those beautiful pictures, and read some amazing people’s thoughts, I am not really a Tumblr community member. (You have to actually DO something to be a part of any community, don’t you?) However, I have spent enough time there as an observer to notice a few things about Tumblr and its community.

Tumblr staff can be funny.  You can take a look at their “terms of service” and instantly get what I’m talking about.


Tumblr can show the other side of your character about which you didn’t have a clue. The thing is, until recently, you would mostly see on your dashboard only those things you showed an interest in. This means you followed someone who posts cute pics of Harry Styles 24/7 and that might clash with you thinking you’re not into boybands or that you don’t care about celebrities and their lives. You also might want to think about a healthier lifestyle and things that deep inside you actually want to change because those 45 followed “fitspiration” blogs says something too.

All social problems are noted and fought over on Tumblr. Body image, animal shaming, racism, discrimination, gender issues, depression and other mental illnesses, suicide, homosexuality and many more topics seem to not only exist as something to discuss about for the Tumblr community but also are of central importance for many of them, which I personally think is awesome (except when they start having pointless arguments just for the sake of arguing).

What do you mean “punctuation”? I am not kidding here, text posts on Tumblr always seemed to be ok, but one day all punctuation just disappeared! People started writing 5-line sentences without even a comma or a dot. Same with the 5 sentence paragrapghs without a comma or a dot. (There are still posts with ok or even perfect punctutation, but the amount of those with no punctuation at all is just huge).

GIFs are like the next step in the evolution of visuals. A GIF is better than photos because it moves and becomes similar to a video but it’s better than a video because it summarizes it or shows just the best bits. Every new Youtube video or a celebrity interview is presented in gif sets in, literally, seconds.

youtubers, joe sugg, alfie deyes, caspar lee, jim, marcus butler

People are always shipping other people. And no, there are no ships involved in this kind of shipping.

You can find many aspiring writers on Tumblr and you can find really really good ones there! But you can also find both good and not so good writers posting an enormous amount of gay porn stories. Mostly called smut, and even more often involving celebrities.


Fandoms, fandoms everywhere.If you belong to any fandom, you would probably find many other like-minded people on Tumblr. They make a lot of GIFs after every new released video/episode/movie. They also ship the characters of that video/episode/movie and don’t you dare trying to explain someone that Dean and Sam are freaking BROTHERS.

Undiscovered talents. I can tell you this – sometimes it’s worth following even the cheesiest blog on Tumblr, which you are sure is run by a 10 year old kid, only because you might find out that this kid is a super talented painter/writer/the master of photoshop or video editing programs, etc. Honestly! Apparently I follow quite a few blogs that focus on celebrities and sometimes I see someone posting “so I was really bored today, so I draw this with a pencil I found on the floor in class” and then I see this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G picture of a celebrity face drawn with such accuracy without missing any details of that person’s face. I then stare at the picture that I couldn’t draw in a million years of trying and just think how unbelievable it is that the same person wrote “I’m worthless, I don’t know what I am going to do in life” in his previous post. Many talented young people are in that Tumblr community, they just haven’t yet been discovered or,in fact, haven’t discovered themselves.

You, of course, might follow absolutely different blogs on Tumblr and therefore have totally different opinions about the whole social platform. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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