#Askablogger chat!


In case you guys haven’t heard about it, we had a chance to participate in a new blogger chat on Tuesday hosted by @_OliviaJadex! It starts at 7p.m on Tuesday and, judging from the first look, it will be a nice new place to chat to each other and share our thoughts about blogging-related things.

Glitter Wallpaper

I personally found a few great blogs to follow and talked to a few lovely bloggers because of that chat. Moreover, I learned a few things from other bloggers’ experience, which is always nice and interesting even if you’re not attempting to become a professional blogger.

Here’s a short review on what we chatted about:

  • One of the highest expectations as a blogger is to post regularly, which (agreed by all) is very difficult for those who are not full-time bloggers. Some bloggers that deal with PR companies also feel that sometimes they are expected to like anything the copmany sends them to review. Being asked to lie to your readers must be annoying.
  • The best things the majority of us finds in blogging are meeting new people, and connecting with like-minded bloggers. A blog is also a perfect place to share your thoughts, be creative and express yourself however the heck you want!
  • Being a blogger has taught us a lot. Starting from time management skills, organizational skills and ending with the growth of confidence to be open and share your thoughts.
  • What was surprising to me personally is that a lot, and I mean A LOT of people have their blogs as hobbies and don’t think of themselves as professional bloggers in the future. For me it is somehow liberating to hear that it is actually OK to have a blog as a hobby and not attempt to be a professional.
  • Many people where inspired by other bloggers to start their own blogs. I wasn’t surprised to find out that some of them were inspired by the famous British bloggers like Zoe or Louise, to name only a couple. Some of them, however, hadn’t read any blogs before starting their own.
  • People also discussed about what they would like to chat about in the next #askablogger chat and I am very excited to hear that one of the topics will be tips and tricks for blogging, which is a perfect topic for a chat with a title like that!

That was only the first chat and I am super excited to join the next ones!

Amila ♥

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