Monthly Favourites: March



We can already count hours until it’s April and I decided to do a short Monthly Favourites post to note a few things I used and loved in March. Monthly Favourites is one of my most favourite types of posts to read on others’ blogs. Because of them  I’ve got some new ideas, heard about new products and even tried a few of them. Hopefully, you’ too will like my March favourites (I have written only one similar post, which is June Favourites, and you can find it here) and share your opinions!

Favourite Make-up Products

Maxfactor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara. My first attempt to try this product was in December 2014, when I got it as a little extra for buying other MaxFactor make-up products. I must say I’m very happy about it. First of all, I wouldn’t have bought it on my own because I never wanted to try a brown mascara. I always liked the black ones to make my lashes as dramatic and long as possible. However, you would be surprised to see how long and dramatic they can look after using this brown Maxfactor mascara (I definitely was)! So I repurchased it again and used it very often!


MaxFactor Whipped Creme Foundation. I bought this foundation in the end of December and still had some of it left. So I’ve been using it a lot this month. I can’t even say what exactly makes me love this foundation so much. It’s the first time I tried whipped creme/mousse type of foundation ever and even had this idea to never buy a liquid one again (until I did because I found an amazing match for my skin). I love that it’s not oily at all but your skin always feels moisturized. It lasted as long as I needed it to last (about 12 hours I think) even without a primer and gave my face a warm and slightly pinkish color but still managed to look natural. Amazing.


Favourite Body Care Product

LUSH Lemony Flutter for Cuticles. Now this one is a product I have mixed feelings about BUT still love it for the good things I found in it. First of all, I have a huge problem with my cuticles. If there is one thing I ALWAYS am jealous about other girls (apart from super high metabolism) is their beautiful nails (which are only beautiful if the cuticles are healthy, hydrated and beautiful too). So I didn’t care about the price (you must know LUSH products are indeed pricey) and bought this lemony butter. The best qualities of the butter are the strong lemony scent because I love fresh lemon scents and that it softens your dry and cracked cuticles very quickly. A visible result in a few seconds, I’d say. However, I only use it for cuticles and not as hand cream because its texture makes it difficult to use the butter during the day. It’s very greasy and waxy and seems to stay on your skin for ages. I wouldn’t like it as a hand cream but it’s perfect for my cuticles problem. However, I know for sure that some people who suffer from very dry hand skin during winter find this cuticle butter a-m-a-z-i-n-g as a hand cream before bed time.


Favourite Song

Sam Smith – I’m Not the Only One. I couldn’t skip the favourite song part as music was something involved in my every single day this March. Since I moved to England, I haven’t had many chances to play the piano so listening to music became something I do instead, I guess. I’m not one of those people who have one favourite band or one favourite song but I have to admit that I listened to this song much more than any other song this month.

Favourite Book

There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me. This is a book I’ve started reading just recently and haven’t yet finished. So I can’t write my review on it but what I can say is that it is an autobiographical book about the relationship between the actress Brooke Shields and her mother. It’s also a story about her career as a kid model and actress and explanation about some of the career choices her mother made for Brooke when she was only a little kid.


Favourite Movie

Beyond The Lights (2014). Before you guys start thinking that I have no understanding of what a good and worth watching movie is, I want to say that I picked this one for one of those girly kind of evenings when you don’t need “the intelligent”, you need “comforting and easy”. However, this is not a dumb drama/comedy/romance type of movie. I actually really loved the idea of a celebrity wanting to free herself from the image created for the media. It was also nice seeing a story that again shows how money is not worth pretending to be what you are actually not. I really loved the main actress ,especially during the second half of the movie and I honestly think that imdb rating doesn’t show the truth this time. Anyway, let me know what you think about Beyond The Lights if you have seen it!



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