Ebay purchase: Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base



Hopefully, you all are aware of how primers can benefit to the quality of your make up and have found the best one for yourselves. But if not, you may as well read this little review about a make up base/primer I bought on Ebay.

You can guess, it’s not a very expensive one. I bought it for about $3 or $4. I bought it quite some time ago so I can’t really remember the exact price. However, it was no more than 3 or 4 dollars and, I don’t now if you agree with me here, but I could tell the price from its tube. It is a very simple grey tube which doesn;t look very attractive.

Luckily, the packaging and price don’t entirely define the product. The make up base is offered in two colours – violet (the one I bought) is meant to neutralize and brighten yellow tones while green should cover the unwanted redness of your skin.  The base is very fluid and it’s quite difficult to control the amount of the product that comes out, so that’s something I didn’t like.

You need a very small amount of the base to cover your whole face. If you overuse it, believe me, not only will it cover the yellow tones of your face but also your actual face. If you don’t want to become ghostly white, don’t push the tube too hard. Once, I applied a little too much of this base, and my foundation looked much brighter on my face that it usually does.  Also, it has a distinctive scent but it kind of disappears once you apply it on the skin.

One amazing thing about  Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base is that if you have an oily skin – it’s perfect for you. At least in that it makes your skin seem less oily and more matte. The substance of the base is not sticky or oily as well, which I love about it. My face is quite oily in the T zone, so I find it very helpful, especially with the foundations that tend to look oily after a few ours of wearing it.

DSCF4043-002Have you ever tried this or the other kind, the green one? All the opinions are welcome 🙂


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