June Favourites


Hello everyone!

I decided to do my first ever favourites post. I know it’s kind of typical for any kind of bloggers but I definitely like reading those and thought I might try doing it myself. Let’s start!

  • Favourite Book


Although there are many different opinions about this book, The Fault In Our Stars is on the top of the books I read this month. It just touched something I was kind of forced to think about lately and made me realize a few things. And this is exactly what I appreciate in any book I read.

  • Favourite Movie


Sometimes, when your head is full of thoughts about daily responsibilities, negativity or thoughts about how tired you are, I think what you need is a good, colorful, and funny movie for kids. Exactly, for kids. The one in which little squirrels are chasing a few nuts as if it’s the mission of their life, then they meet a silly-looking dog that helps them out here and there and finally, the problems are always solved. So when I had such a day this month, I watched The Nut Job. It turned out to be exactly what I needed.

  • Favourite new wardrobe item


D&G striped sweater is a new thing I got recently. Somehow it’s not very clear in the photo, but it has a very nice green-ish color of the stripes (in the photo it looks darker than it actually is though) and is very soft. Our summer is far from perfect right now, so I already had a chance to wear it and really liked it!

  • Favourite Song


I am aware of that the first thought that may pop up in your head now is “oh my god, it’s so old” and that everybody has already moved on to another brand new song that’s a hit right now. But this is what happens to me seriously too often. I might find something the whole world is listening to absolutely not interesting but one day the same song just hits something in me and I start listening to it 24/7, then playing it on the piano and enjoying it while everyone else finds it old and has their new favourite songs. Anyway, this song is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Have you seen her performing it live? Magical!

  • Favourite Beauty Product

AVON Advanced Techniques Dry Ends Serum

In June I bought AVON Advanced Techniques Dry Ends Serum for the second time because I liked it very much the first time. If you’d like to read my review about it, here it is. (I’d love it if you did!)

  • Favourite Event


Well, yes. Graduation was the event of the month. It was very important to me and left me at the point where literally every step I make matters a lot. I’m in a creative process of planning my life right now. Although I am sure that life never really goes 100% according to the plan, I always find them helpful.

  • Favourite Quote

  • Favourite Song Cover


 So, I don’t think you know it, but I’m a music person. From listening to it, playing it or even unprofessionally creating it. I also have a habbit of listening to various song covers. I find new voices I love every week. This June, the favourite song cover I found was definitely Macy Kate and her cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. You can see her cover here and her youtube channel here. I also found out about a TV show I’d never heard before and apparently she was a contestant there (it’s called Rising Star. Anyone? ).

  • Favourite Fitness Motivation

Isn’t that something we should always remember?

  • Favourite Jewellery Item


  • Favourite Blog Post


I have to admit, though. There were so many great posts I read in June. So picking just a single post as a favourite is quite difficult and it’s more like a random pick from a bunch of the favourite ones I had a chance to read. However, I really like Helen’s blog and this post of hers seems like a very useful one for me and other girls. We all know what a difficult task choosing the right foundation might be, so a few tips can always help! What I particularly like about this post is that she provides the readers with the links to the online shops where you can find the mentioned foundations. Take a look. 🙂

So! If you have any kind of thoughts about any of the favourites I mentioned, feel free to let me know!


9 thoughts on “June Favourites

  1. You are too funny with the songs. I’m the same way, except I usually don’t catch on until the song’s been out at least 2 years

  2. I love The Fault In Our Stars so much! Have you seen the film yet? If not, you really should go and see it, it’s amazing

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