Haircare Product for Dry Ends


I want to dedicate a post for a haircare product because I’ve just repurchased it again, without a second thought, and I rarely do that. Trying new beauty products is the joy of it all to me, so buying something exactly the same twice means I found something that works perfect for me.

And this Dry Ends hair serum does work indeed!


AVON Advanced Techniques Dry Ends SerumI’ve got this serum from an AVON representative. It comes in 30ml glass bottles and is suitable for all hair types (as claimed on the bottle). The serum is supposed to take care of your dry hair ends by making them healthy and shiny. Made in Poland.

How to use?

No extra work or time is required when applying the serum on your hair. Just take a few drops and massage them into the ends of your hair (may be just washed or dried already). Then, style as usual. The most important thing here is not overusing. I suggest trying a different amount of the serum several times after washing your hair so you could find how much of it works best for you. (I myself seemed to forget what the word “moderation” meant when trying this product for the first time, and let me tell you, the end result wasn’t what I expected.)

My thoughts on the product

What I like the most about this product is its scent. The scent of the hair products I use is as important to me as the scent of my perfume. Whatever you use on your hair is most likely to stay for quite some time, and who wants to risk having a bad smelling hair for a whole day? So, its scent seems very nice and fresh enough for the summer. It’s not too strong, though, which I like as well.

Another thing is that after using the first bottle regularly for, I think, 2 weeks, I saw some noticeable change on my hair. Originally, at that time they seemed tired, too thin and dry after the winter season but very soon they became healthier, shinier and my dry ends weren’t that dry anymore. It also reduces frizz (very important for those who blow-dry their hair regularly) and the best thing ever is that it doesn’t leave the hair greasy! I personally love it and think it’s just perfect for my hair type.

However, if you’ve used quite a few different serums/oils for hair, you should notice that this Dry Ends Serum is not really that oily as such products usually are. So, I wouldn’t recommend it for those who have extremely dry hair. I think this one is more of a casual product, which you could regularly use even if your hair is quite healthy (just to add some extra shine and softness to your hair). But extremely dry ends would need something stronger. Also, although it claims to be suitable for all hair types, I know for a fact that there are some people who don’t find it suitable for theirs.

Anyway, I can only tell good things about it. So give it a try, if you’re looking for something cheaper, effective and like trying new haircare products!

If you’ve already tried this, let me know about your experience with the product!

Amila ♥


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