#100HappyDays Challenge – Weeks 9 & 10


I’m finally catching up with my 100 Happy Days challenge.

Week 9 in photos:

#100HappyDays challenge week 9

Day 57 I’m no cook but the homemade sushi happened to be delicious.

Day 58 This is how my lovely friend always remembers important things (I would do too, if I made notes on myself)

Day 59 I just liked it and decided to have one in my kitchen when moving out.

Day 60 I know you’ll find it hard to believe but while the world is trying to meet One Direction band members, I’ve met Robin Hood.

Day 61 Isn’t she loooovelyyyy (singing in Stevie Wonder’s voice). No, she’s not but she demonstrates a few make-up mistakes, so I took a picture for educational purposes.

Day 62 I attended the 1st wedding in my entire life. But somehow I have the feeling that the season has really started now (I have in mind the majority of my friends).

Day 63 It just looks lovely but in reality it’s a freaking evil spirit in a lovely kitten’s body. (Kidding! I love her, although it’s quite true about the evil spirit.)

Week 10 in photos:


Day 64 My BA thesis is done, handed-in, and there’s no worries until the defence next week… (…I say to myself and have nightmares every night. Yes, no worries until next week.)

Day 65 Celebrating with friends.

Day 66 I found out that I really really like brownies.

Day 67 Some time out again. Felt like a well deserved time out, by the way.

Day 68 Those who visit my blog sometimes will not be surprised – chocolate regularly  occasionally makes me happy.

Day 69 Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – wonderful smell and looks nice on the lips.

Day 70 As I decided to make my free time more active than ever, I purchased these today!

Have a nice week and many incredible happy moments everybody!

Amila ♥

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