Workout in GIFs: 4 Firm Butt Exercises

4 Firm Butt Exercises: fitspiration


Are you still working hard for your Hot-All-Year Body (I’m banning the “hot summer body” concept because I believe it means working out for all the wrong reasons) or did you get a little lazy? If so, I get you. I myself had pretty hard time in trying to start working out regularly after my holiday in Spain and then with all the university-related things it just seemed too hard. Um… so here’s how the worst excuses ever sound, I guess.

However, I did my best in beating laziness and had a great workout yesterday. So, I want to share a few firm butt exercises I really liked yesterday and definitely including in my workout today.

Enjoy (not the view, the action!)


  • Don’t forget to circle the leg to both sides and then remember that you have another leg as well!


  • Control your movements. Actually, the slower you’ll lift the leg, the better.


  • Almost nobody likes lunges but unless you have some knee problems, force yourself to try. It works wonders for your thighs and butt.


  • Again, the slower the better. Also, pay attention to your posture while doing any kinds of squats!

Have a great workout!


(full workout video)

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