Summer Wedding Guest Hairstyle for Long Hair


It’s no surprise that summer is the best time for celebrations like weddings, which I happened to attend last weekend. It was a beautiful event but took quite a bit of time to get ready for (I guess, for us girls it’s never easy).

Before the wedding, I spent a bit of time looking for the right clothes in the stores and searching for the hair ideas on pinterest, However, even though pinterest helped me to get some idea of what I wanted to look like, the hairstyle was almost completely changed at the hairdresser’s while we were discussing and trying what would look best on me.


Now here’s a few tips you and me (next time) could use while searching for the perfect wedding guest hairstyle:

  • Avoid long loose curls/waves. Having in mind that the wedding is in summer, you might want to do any hairstyle that leaves your neck at least partially uncovered. Many girls and women like to choose updoes, which looks nice and is comfortable. But I decided not to and also am super happy with my desicion not to have big waves (my initial plan) because it was an incredibly hot summer day, during which we were all dancing, playing and having fun. Long waves would’ve been less comfortable for sure.
  • Personalize the hairstyle to fit your face features. If you ever do like me and come to the hairdresser with a photo of the the style you’d like to achieve on your phone, be sure that the stylist involves you in the process and is able to change things during it. Even though the photo might show some really stunning hairstyle, it might as well not fit your personal features without changing a few or many details. With a professional and creative hairstylist, you can look even better than expected!
  • For dark-haired girls – avoid tiny  details! My personal experience says (in a voice of my hairstylist) that all those super cute hairstyles with tiny braids or other small details combined around your head are  just not visible. Unfortunately! It does look amazing on the blond hair, especially if it’s died in different shades but dark hair needs bigger details to catch anybody’s eye.
  • Focus on the front. Many wedding hairstyles are incredibly beautiful but often the most beautiful part of it is on the back of your head. However, when we think specifically about the weddings, what seems obvious is that you will be photographed a lot. And I mean a lot. Also, the majority of professional photos will be the ones you have to pose for, mostly with a group of people and, possibly,  from quite a distance. Which means that it’s definitely not the back of your head that will be seen in the photos. So, it seems fair to suggest focusing on the front part of the hairstyle (or on the front and the side). Lucky for us, there is a huge number of amazing hairstyles that could be done this way.

I hope you have at least one wedding to attend this summer – it’s so much fun! And good luck in finding your perfect hairstyle then!

Amila ♥

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