#100HappyDays Challenge – Week 8


I just want to do a quick update of my happy moments challenge. This week, I’m fully dedicated to preparing for my finals and other university-related stuff because, well, I do need to graduate.

I have two weekly posts missing and for those who visit my blog from time to time, it will be no surprise to see that the pictures of my happy moments of the past two weeks are all about Spain and my trip.


Day 50 (wow, half the challenge is completed already!) Since packing didn’t go well that day, I decided to have a walk with a friend. Then we met these guys that seriously freaked out and rushed to the water when we came closer.

Day 51 Packing attempt no. 2.

Day 52 Finally in the plane. I’d like to say I dealt with my fears of hight and planes quite well but… no. Just no. I seriously considered the possibility to stay in Spain forever just so I wouldn’t have to fly ever again.

Day 53 I have a weird love for the cities at night. It’s just something I really really like. I love driving at night, I like pictures of cities at night, and couldn’t resist taking the photo of the beach in Torrevieja in the late evening.

Day 54 I took this photo just because you would never ever see something like that in Lithuania. I found this in the middle of the town while walking around Torrevieja.

Day 55 One day we decided to visit the market (now I see I mixed the place of the photos a little – the market is open on Fridays). I bought something here but mostly enjoyed seeing different people, hearing different languages, looking at the goods. A few Spanish sellers said they loved me (in a few different languages but finally did that in English, which they really tried to avoid) and therefore gave me some discounts for what I wanted to buy. I think it’s a weird marketing strategy but can I complain? Not even trying! ;D

Day 56 This was a huge angry dog which lived with us and turned out to be the loveliest and the friendliest rottweiler I’ve ever seen.

So this was my week 8 of the challenge. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “#100HappyDays Challenge – Week 8

  1. I enjoyed this post. Nice picks for the photos very well combined with words. Love the solution you found for your fears of flying 😛 but somehow, it’s pity it didn’t work out (I mean staying at the saside :D)

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