Spanish Holiday Shopping Haul

Hello there!

The holiday in Spain has been going better than I expected. The weather is amazing. Usually, if it’s “cold” here, it’s similar to a hot summer day in Lithuania. But when it’s hot, it’s hard to handle an hour-long walk outside. So I was pretty much shocked to see what people in Spain consider to be a cold day. I still love it! I always sort of knew that I belong somewhere in the South rather than in Lithuania, just because I can’t stand the cold (except ice cream, except ice cream… with a massive amount of chocolate.)

I’ve had a chance to see almost all Torrevieja already. Or I thought so because every time I go somewhere, I find something knew. A new shop, a new park, a new beautiful place on the beach – amazing. I love it more than I thought I would.

Anyway, what I wanted to show you in this quick post was a few purchases I had bought this morning. Just a few things that I saw, instantly fell in love with, and couldn’t resist buying. No one might have noticed, but I skipped my #100HappyMoments post this Sunday. I’ll do it the next Sunday instead!

So first, I bought this dress that I’m sure I will not see in my country for at least one season. I love its colours even though it’s a dark dress. The material is very light-weighted and it’s perfect for summer. The model is also quite interesting to me as I tend to like asymmetrical clothes but somehow rarely buy them.

ImageNext, I saw these leggings, I suppose. They are also very soft to touch, and it’s not too warm to wear them in summer for sure. Anyway, I love the prints and think it will fit perfectly with any kind of single-colour blouse. What do you think? They look a little big when hanging on the closet door but actually they kind of fit perfectly on me, and I love to see that my legs finally show how much time I’ve been spending working out this spring. Not to brag or anything, but I suppose you all know how nice and relieving it is to see any kind of results of your hard work.


I also couldn’t resist buying some of the nail polishes I found today. Actually, I found at least 7 colours I wanted to try but, apparently, I still have some sense in me, which I already doubted about. So, I bought two colours instead of seven. By the way, both of them costed only 4 euros. Of course, I have no idea how good or bad they are, which I’ll definitely find out tonight!


I also bought some rings and necklaces for myself and my best friends but didn’t take a picture. So this will be it for today.

P.s I want to say that I really appreciate you guys visiting my blog even though I don’t write as often as earlier. This blog is still my hobby and a way to speak with amazing people that you are, though. I don’t have many readers to compare with a lot of other wonderful blogs but those that I have are incredible, so thanks for existing I guess!

Amila ♥

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