#100HappyDays Challenge – Week 7


I know I haven’t been actively posting but I still feel I can’t skip my happy moments post. This may have become a habbit, which is a nice one. With so much going on around me, paying attention to those small moments I enjoy during the day is quite nice. This week, it was all about doing the last things for uni before my trip and about getting ready for going to Spain, which I finally feel is real!


Day 43 As I was going through my make up items, I found this lip balm which smells so incredibly amazing I can’t even describe. I actually am very bad at describing how any of the products smell, but this one is really amazing.

Day 44 It’s not the wine I was really happy about but the evening spent with some great people.

Day 45 After working on my uni tasks for quite a lot of time, I again spent some time in the so-called “Nemunas island”. People in my town call it “the island” and whenever you go there, you can always find a bunch of people lying on the grass and enjoying the view. It’s not realy visible in the photo but the place is beautiful.

Day 46 I finally bought some Euros for my trip. I can’t get used to how large they are, so much larger than Litas in my country.

Day 47 My suitcase is waiting until I finally decide what to pack. I’m so bad at this. I literally want to take half of my house to Spain. We’ll see how that works out for me.

Day 48 You can guess how I spent an hour of my free time on Friday. Meet the lovely ghost of Bonnie’s grandmother. (Yes yes, I still watch the Vampire Diaries sometimes every Friday. I know I need to grow up.)

Day 49 My phone I’ve been using for only 6 months was a real disaster, so I bought a new one just today. I had been planning to do  this for some time, and I’m so glad I finally got it.

So, I hope you all had a great week and that an even greater one is ahead of you!

Now since travelling by plane is one of the things I fear the most in life, I am sure when I put my feet on the ground in Spain next week, it will become a one big happy moment for me. So you can expect only one picture for the next week’s happy moments post. (No I’m kidding, I just wanted to cry about how scared I am to somebody once more. I already cried about it to all of my friends, so I think they’ve had enough.)

Anyway, have a great day or night, depends on where you are now!


5 thoughts on “#100HappyDays Challenge – Week 7

  1. Have a good time at Spain! And don’t be scared of flying, it’s the safest way to travel! And when the plain gets very high and you see only white clouds and crystal blue sky, you’ll think you’re in heaven. So beautiful! Have a good time! 🙂

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