#100Happy Days Challenge – Week 5


First of all, Happy Easter everybody! I hope you all had and are still having the best time today!

As for me, I didn’t really post anything from the last weekly happy days challenge post because I really had quite difficult and stressful 5 days and when I got some free time for the weekend, I tried my best to spend it having fun and staying out as long as possible. I don’t really remember not wanting to come back to my room so badly. Also, this weekend was especially warm and sunny, so who would want to skip the opportunity to enjoy the weather?

Anyway, here are my 7 happy moments.


Day 29 In the middle of trying to make something at least a little similar to sushi.

Day 30 My brother sent this to our mother for Mother’s Day, which made us laugh because my brother lives in the UK, and it’s the second time already that he forgets the dates of Mother’s Day in the UK and Lithuania are very very very different.

Day 31 Very short but lovely time with someone important to me.

Day 32 An hour me and my friend were searching for a gift to our mutual friend and planning the surprise we were going to make for her.

Day 33 A couple of hours out, just enjoying the weather and life.

Day 34 This is how me and my family coloured the eggs for Easter this year. I had some lovely family time which I enjoyed a lot.

Day 35 Finally, today I had the best time with my family and relatives celebrating Easter and enjoying each other’s company.

I hope you also had some lovely time today and managed to forget work, stress, and timetables.

Have a great night!

Amila ♥

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