Exploring my own country #2: project “We Love Lithuania”

Hello there!

Although I am new at blogging, I’m so glad I’ve already had a chance to speak with amazing and interesting people from various countries, most of which I’ve never visited. This is one of the best sides of blogging to me, I think many would agree. However, every time I look at your blogs, many things seem familiar to me if we speak about your country and culture. If I see a blogger from Canada or Germany or Sweden, for example, they don’t look total strangers to me as I know something about their culture, read the literature of their authors, heard their singers, know or even visited some places in their countries, am familiar with their languages, and have relatives or friends in some of those countries. I don’t even speak about the UK or USA.

But my own experience tells me that many people are not that familiar with my own country, Lithuania, which is damn small. I mean, usually they do know what and where it is (including some basketball players or other sportsmen), but if I can say New York or Big Ben and pretty much every person in the world would know what I’m talking about, there are not a lot of such places in Lithuania known worldwide. Unless you’re a tourist who has already been there, then you know some places.

So, I thought I would briefly introduce you with beautiful places in Lithuania, including my own city, by showing you some nice pictures. I’ve got this idea when I saw a little project Lithuanians have, called “We Love Lithuania“, which was created exactly for the same purpose – to introduce Lithuania and its beautiful places to others. I took all the photos from this page, and these photos represent a few cities of Lithuania. I hope you’ll like it!

Vilnius (capital)


Kaunas (my hometown)


Some pictures from our resorts (Palanga and Šventoji)




ImageImageHope you enjoyed the view!

Amila ♥

6 thoughts on “Exploring my own country #2: project “We Love Lithuania”

  1. Beautiful photos, Amila. Lithuania is truly beautiful. There are a few photos of Lithuania on my site if you fancy a look, mostly around the village where I live. Let’s put LT on the map!

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