Go Natural: Facial Skincare Products


We all know that skincare is very important but it is also a very tricky thing  to choose the right products. There are a lot of things to consider before picking up a new product for your face skin, but I feel that the more natural the product, the less of the chance there is that it would be somehow bad for your skin. Therefore, last week I decided to go natural in terms of my skincare and got 2 things I think are essential if one has troubled skin.


The first is Alkmene Anti-Spot Pad  for treating pimples (about £5) and the second one is Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream (about £8)

Alkmene Anti-Spot Pad Description

4564_Fotor_CollageIt is a skincare product with Australian tea tree oil. The description claims the product helps avoid pimples, spots and redness on your skin. It doesn’t say anything much on the package and we should probably be tempted by the fact that it has Australian tea tree oil in it. In fact, it was the reason I bought it. Guilty. Anyway, it should be applied two times a day on the spots of your face that require treatment. You don’t need to wash it off.

My Impression of the Product

First of all, I quite hated the packaging when I first saw it. But as I mentioned above, once my eye caught the words “Australian tea tree oil” I decided to buy it. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the benefits of this  oil but it has a long history of being used as a medicine for almost every skin or hair-related problem. Based on my experience and what others told me, I would name killing bacteria, treating acne, and being cheap as the main benefits of the tea tree oil. Also, I didn’t like the way it smelled a lot because it was too medicine-like for me but having been using it for almost a week already, I am absolutely used to the smell and even like it. Yet, it definitely does not smell like roses and vanilla if anyone expects that.

What I loved about it from the very first time of using was the metal ball-like top of the tube. This means I would never have to apply it with my hands, and it is very easy to apply it exactly on the spot you want. Therefore, another amazing thing is that Alkmene Anti-Spot Pad is used only on the exact spots that need treatment rather than on the whole face. So, it would never dry or affect the rest of your face skin in any way. Finally, I must say that even if I had heard it would make the pimples disappear in a few hours, I didn’t see such magical results. Yet, I did notice the difference in two nights. Although not every spot magically disappeared, the pimples seriously shrank and became not that noticible. I’m quite satisfied with the results to be honest.

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream Description

3_Fotor_CollageHimalaya Nourishing Skin Cream is a cream created for moisturizing and protecting your  skin. It has a list of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera which nourishes and moisturizes,  Winter Cherry protecting skin from pollution and dry weather, and Indian Kino Tree that has antibacterial properties. It can be applied not only on your skin but also on your hands and the rest of your body. Also, even though it is said to be perfect for the winter season, this cream can be used daily in every season. The cream is absolutely natural as the Himalaya Herbals brand is actually certificated and their products are proved to be of high quality. The cream is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for all skin types (although I personally heard that it’s not that perfect for oily to combination skin types). I also know the brand first appeared in India.

My Impression of the Product

First thing I’m absolutely happy about is the scent. Natural and having a perfect scent, what else would I want in a face cream? Second, it is very light and not greasy, exactly what it says on its package, although it does look quite thick at a first glance. However, the skin doesn’t look oily after I apply this cream, and I personally find my skin soft and fresh. It also doesn’t leave any stickness on the face. Finally, I love it is available in a smaller size like this (I’ve got a 50ml tub), which I think is perfect for travelling. All in all, I like it very much and recommend this first for those who have dry skin.

I hope you enjoyed the review and, as always, I’d be glad to hear any of your thoughts or experiences with the products!

Amila ♥

3 thoughts on “Go Natural: Facial Skincare Products

  1. We also got Himalaya here recently, but I still didn’t buy anything. I know it’s totally wrong, but I can’t force myself to buy something in such ugly (sorry) packaging. I know this is terribly wrong, but can’t help myself. I am glad you like it, though.

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