#100HappyDays challenge – week 3


I didn’t even notice how the time for my weekly #100HappyDays post came. This week was so not normal. I mean, I did have a lot of fun but got broke, I worked out a lot but slept bad, I was very happy and smiled a lot and I had my reasons, but oh boy how  worried I actually was in my heart and, unfortunatelly, I had some solid reasons for that as well. Seems like time goes faster than ever while nothing happens as quickly as it should. Believe me or not, but if not this challenge that literally forces me to pay attention to something joyful and nice during my day, I would describe this week a whole lot worse and would have to edit this before posting in order to take out all the cursing. Yet, now I do have some nice moments to remember and that is why I will never regret “wasting” time to participate in this challenge.

Here’s my week in pictures:


1. I read a surprisingly interesting story, which is a little harsh on Lithuania but you can’t change the history of your country, can’t you? Anyway, reading something that surprises and somehow affects me is a pleasure.

2. One of those times when giving makes you happier than getting. I bought this tulip necklace for my friend and gave it to her on her birthday. The thing is, she always says that because of the studying, she doesn’t have time to be a woman, and tulip is kind of a symbol of a woman.

3. I wrote a note on my friend’s palm as a reminder not to forget to take her flowers, and well… during a boring lecture that was pretty fun.

4. Another friend’s birthday, as I had 3 birthdays this week. That evening was pretty amazing, I actually had the best time.

5. Yup, chocolate. What else is there to say.

6. I took the picture of this rose in yet another birthday, which destroyed all my attempts to save money but was still pretty fun.

7. That is a present. I had to pay 1 cent for this watch as the person who gave it to me was absolutely sure that giving a watch as a gift and not taking a cent is bad luck.

How was your week? Is there anyone else amazed at how time just flies by? I can’t even believe it.

Amila ♥

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