#100HappyDays challenge – week 2


How was your week?

It’s been a long week for me. I mostly spent it studying and planning the things I have to finish before my trip to Spain as I’m going there in the middle of the most important month of this year (BA thesis finishing, exams, Ba defence, and my friend’s weeding are planned to happen exactly in May). Because of this, I found it more difficult to concentrate on those happy moments and taking pictures and kind of felt there was nothing special going on in my life. However, here’s my week in pictures and 7 happy moments.


Day 8: I’ve got a nice candle in a glass which is a nice accent in my room now, especially because of the color.

Day 9: That’s an old little textbook that I baught when I was learning Spanish. Now I have a good reason to use it again and everytime I take it I remember how little time it’s left until I’m going to Spain!

Day 10: I know summer is for colors and prints but I bought a black loose blouse and white shorts imagining I might use this outfit for a more elegent evening look during the summer. I really like it. 😉

Day 11: Celebrating  our wonderful friend’s birthday in a little restaurant. I was quite ill, yet it was so amazing to spend that evening with my closest friends ever.

Day 12: My new concealer palette arrived finally!

Day 13: This spiny guy came to our yeard at 2 a.m. and our dog sort of freaked out. So we went out to to look for some wild and dangerous animals or thieves wandering in our property but found this little hedgehog instead. We decided our dog just wanted attention.

Day 14: When my mum cooks, it’s pretty much always a happy moment.

Amila ♥

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