6 exercises to include in your workout


Hello there!

Those who have been reading my blog for a while probably know that I regularly workout at home. Recently, I decided to start jogging as well and have already done that once. I’m sure going to jog again as soon as the weather is alright (it’s been too windy and rainy recently).

Anyway, although many people start getting their new workout clothes and exercising anywhere outside, sometimes you have or want to stay at home and still feel the need for a great and empowering workout. So here are six exercises to include in your workout at home.

The first two are bodyweight cardio exercises, althought the bicycle crunhes train your lower abs as well!

The second pair of exercises shows two types of squats. Since squats in general are possibly one of the best exercises (except for those who have serious knee problems), making it a little more difficult with side kicks ensures double results.

Finally, leg drops and reverse crunches attack your lower abs and if done properly, which means slowly and repeated enough times, it really makes you feel your lower abs until the next workout.

I hope you’ll enjoy these exercises if you decide to try them sometime!

Have a great workout!

1. Lateral Step + Reach                                                      2. Bicycle Crunches


3. Squats                                                                                 4. Squats + Side Kicks


5. Leg Drops                                                                             6. Reverse Crunch


By the way, I’m not suggesting that these exercises should be your whole workout because unless repeated many many times, it will take only a few minutes. Well, let’s be realistic here and accept the fact that a few-minute workout helps us get some energy in the morning or get out of bed at all but doesn’t really transform the body. However, these are worth including in any workout you regularly do. Enjoy!

Amila ♥

*The gifs are my edits of the videos from FitnessBlender and XHitDaily youtube channels.

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