#100HappyDays – week 1

Hello there!

I hope you’re at least a little tempted to start the #100HappyDays Challenge as, believe me or not, it seems to be magical. Since I decided to take a picture of my happy moments everyday, it seems that I started to have just too many of them! You see, it works. You either start noticing what you already have or somehow good things just come to your life. This happened to me too. Not only was it fun taking pictures in itself but I also started enjoying regular things a little more AND something incredible happened, which actually is not only the highlight of the week but the highlight of 22 years of my life.

So here are my first 7 happy days:





Day 1 – I visited a friend and when I’m there I always have a great laugh because of her dog. Her name is Kruopa and it’s really fun name because in English it would be Granule. In Lithuanian it sounds as weird. Also, Kruopa/Granule makes noises similar to those made by pigs instead of dogs.

Day 2 – it might be nothing special to others but the highlight of the day to me. Since I had a few free hours and was able to spent them playing the piano, that became my happiest moment that day.

Day 3 – You can see a pic on my laptop and that is because I spent like an hour searching for pictures of Costa Blanka, Alicante, and Torrevieja. Apparently, I’m going to Spain on the 7th of May for 11 days! This is what I meant by writing the highlight of 22 years of my life. One thing is when you plan something, work for it, and then get it. But it’s totally different when you get something this big although you never really planned it. And I’ve never ever seriously made plans for going to Spain.

Day 4 – What made me happy was buying some great beauty products and then realising they are really good and worth buying. (If you want, look at them closer)

Day 5 – I’ve got a super tasty ice cream house. Super tasty.

Day 6 – Visiting places in my country I’ve never been at, also spending the whole day with a great group of people and having a lot of fun.

Day 7 – I may or may not have imagined my cat saying that and taken that as an excuse for not studying.;) However, it’s a great feeling to finally do something that is your responsibility or otherwise, at least in my case, something I should but don’t do is kind of there all the time and I just can’t get it out of my head. Especially, if it’s as important as my BA thesis.

I hope you had a great week! Any links to your #100HappyDays challenge?

Amila ♥

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