Today’s Beauty Purchases

Hello there!

Today I spent a couple of hours looking for a gift to a friend and when I got really tired at some point, I found a way to  brighten my day. So I bought the gift and I bought some things for myself.

It happened so that while wandering through various shops, I found a few products that I had heard nice things about but never tried before. Now I couldn’t resist buying those and then some additional small things that caught my eyes.

Here they are:


1. Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream for hair

Image2. Di Palomo Orange Blossom Enriching Hand & Nail Cream (I’ve honestly never smelled anything more wonderful than this)


3. Bourjois Paris 123 Perfect Foundation


4. MAC Cover Pencil


5. A totally random purchase is this bracelet. 


6. A hair sponge


Sooo, I already know my hairstyle for tomorrow and just can’t wait to try all of these! I’ve heard just too much about Di Palomo or Makadamia products, so I’m quite surprised I waited so long and bought them only now.

Anyway, have you tried any of these?

Amila ♥

6 thoughts on “Today’s Beauty Purchases

  1. I tried 123perfect, and apart from the colour that wasn’t match at all, it was a nice foundation. And that hand cream, oh, it would fit soo perfect to my office desk. And if it alse smells nice…:D

  2. I hope this one matches my skin though it is actually brighter than what I used to buy.
    And yes, Di Palomo cream does smell wonderful! I tried it instantly and now can’t stop smelling my hands, I hope no one actually saw me doing this. ;D

    1. I actually bought it online and they sent it to me from the uk. I didn’t find it on their official page as well so I’m not sure about it but they still can be found online 😉

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