Would you or wouldn’t you date a guy wearing these?

Hello there!

I didn’t plan on posting anything tonight but I feel like I saw something that I just need to share with you and to hear your opinions about that. In fact, fashion news is not often on my blog (that is, I don’t have a single post written about it) but again, the reason I write about it now is one and the same.

I accidentally found out that British designers decided men should not be left without having their own cute pair of leggings that we girls enjoy so much. As a result, now men have this new “range of distinguishable, stylish and comfortable meggings” as it is announced on their website here.


ImageThere are at least 4 types of these sTitch meggings that differ in color and design and each pair of them costs £25.00.

Now, while I appreciate the creativity in choosing the name for these and the designers’ attempt to make men’s fashion freer and more unconventional, at first I really wondered whether men themselves would want to wear meggings. But then I saw that the pink and the blue ones have already been sold out.

I guess it means we will see guys wearing meggings eventually. With that said, I posted the photo on my facebook page and got many comments ending in exclamation marks. After such reactions I now wonder what you bloggers think about it.

So, would you or wouldn’t you date I guy wearing meggings? Tell me what you think!

Amila ♥

10 thoughts on “Would you or wouldn’t you date a guy wearing these?

  1. I remember a time my mum tried to rock this kind of patterns and colours, safe to say I was horrified even if I wanted to be supportive. If my boyfriend got a pair, I would probably laugh thinking he was joking, until he wore it out…

    1. Yeah, of course it would be weird to stop talking to someone just because he’s wearing these meggings or something. But I guess you don’t consider them attractive like many people I asked 😉

  2. When I was 16 mybboyfriend bought a pair of purple skinny jeans and a pair of black skinny jeans. He cut them both in half the sewed them together again so he had one purple lefF and one black leg… I can’t decide which is worst.. That or these x

  3. Your boyfriend was pretty creative!;D
    Anyway, skinny jeans seams better for me than these. Actually, some guys look just great in skinny jeans, especially if it reflects their personality. But these meggings… oh no.

  4. I love meggings!!! I wear meggings everyday at home only!! i ´not use in the street to!! but i like wear in the street!!!! are vry confortable!!! my wife like my body wear whith meggings!!!i´m from Argentina!! and it´s not easy go to the street wear meggings!!

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