Join me on #100HappyDays challenge



Have you noticed how things have been changing lately? People are happier, there are definitely more smiles around, we enjoy sunnier and longer days… a huge number of people around me started jogging or working out in gyms, the bloggers became more cheerful about life, their posts are more positive, pictures more heartwarming…

It’s spring everyone! That’s how it affects people or at least the ones I meet, see or know about.

So as I also feel happier, smile more and feel in general more positive than ever, I decided to join more than 350.000 people around the world on this #100HappyDays challenge.

I’ll start it on Monday as I always like to start things on “the first day” of whatever that is, so this time the first day of the week will do. However, I have the busiest semester now, so I don’t even try to lie to myself and you that I’m going to post a picture every day. I will certainly take some every day and probably on Sundays I’ll post them all together. The point of this whole challenge is not posting anyway, the point is to stop for a second every single day and notice something around you that makes you happy! And the real challenge is not posting or taking pictures but rather appreciating little things in our lives.

Β I’m all up for it.


Anyway, since I’ll only start on Monday, this “pre-post” is not necessary at all. Why I’m writing this though is that I want you to join me or let me join you! If you want to start this challenge or if you’re already doing it for however long on your blogs, please give me the links to your blogs and I’ll definitely checking your Happy Days out! I think I have 2 blogs I follow that took this challenge but I’m quite sure there are more people and I’d love to see their 100HappyDays photos as well. So if you’re up for this challenge, just let me know in the comments.;)

Have a beautiful day and let this lovely spring affect you in the best of ways πŸ˜‰


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