Beauty Purchase of the Week: Catrice All Matt Plus – Shine Control Powder


How’s your week been going so far? Although I have been concentrating on my BA thesis for the past few days, I feel like I’ve got something worth telling you about.

When I wrote a post about the foundations I had (you can see part 1 here and part 2 here, if you like), I mentioned that some of them looked oily on my face, especially after a few hours. So last week I decided to do something about it because I was planning on going to the party on Saturday and wanted my make up to last long and look great instead of making me look like I had an oil-shower. What I bought  to try became the purchase of the week or, in fact, of a few weeks.

Here it is:

catrice all matt plus
catrice all matt plus

I think that Catrice brand is probably not the fanciest out there but you have to admit – it is so cheap yet you can find many quality make up products. I say this because apparently I have quite a few Catrice Cosmetics products which haven’t let me down so far.

Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus – Shine Control Powder (015 Natural Beige)

Catrice has 4 shades of this powder but I typically tried something beige , this time Natural Beige. It says “mattifying, longlasting, ultra silky” on the surface of the box. On the other side you can also find that this powder has light-reflecting pigments for satin-matt and even complexion, is suitable for every skin type and, finally, is oil-free. It costs about €4 but as usually in Lithuania I bought it for a little more than that.

I’ve tried this for the party and a few times more after applying different foundations and here’s what I can say about this super great powder:

  • None of the foundations that usually tend to look oily on my face looked oily this time.
  • It really gives a matte look for your face and, honestly, makes your make up look so natural. Also, I can say 100% that my make up did last longer with this powder on.
  • It’s not even seen on your face and doesn’t change the color of the foundation.
  • After applying this powder around my eyes, neither the concealer under my eyes nor the eyeshadows creased (notice that I didn’t use any eye primer) which is awesome and, honestly, it was amazing not to fix my make up or worry about it creasing around my eyes.
  • It’s probably a good idea not to apply the powder all over your face but rather on the areas that tend to get oily and around your eyes.
  • If you apply seriously too much of it, well… the best way to put it, I guess, is to say that you’ll just look old. It’s a powder that gives you a matte look and naturally your skin might look too dry if you overuse it.

In general, I feel like I’ve found a solution for something that has really been bugging me lately – too much oil on the face a few hours after applying foundation and the concealer creasing under my eyes. I don’t know how about you but I consider this a great purchase and I don’t even want to repeat how cheap it is!

Anyway, have you ever tried this powder? What’s your impression of it and what do you think about Catrice cosmetics in general? I’d love to hear your opinions!



7 thoughts on “Beauty Purchase of the Week: Catrice All Matt Plus – Shine Control Powder

  1. I’m testing All matt plus, a liquid foundation by Catrice at the moment. I am so ashamed to admit that it is nothing worse than my previous fancy foundations – Daniel Sandler, Dior.. So light like a tinted moisturiser, covers just enough, does not make my face flat, just beutifully healthy and radiant looking skin, without the oily shine. I hope it won’t break me out. if it doesn’t we’re friends until it is discounted 🙂

    1. Nice to hear that! Sometimes cheap doesn’t mean bad I guess. After trying this powder I’m thinking about trying the same foundation as well so thanks a lot for telling me how it works for you;))

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