Teeth Whitening fail.

I think I’m one of a huge crowd of girls who want and try to have whiter teeth even though sometimes they have their teeth already whiter than anybody else’s. This is not my case, though. I’d say I have normal teeth. And when you have something normal, you might want it to be better. So, having this picture in my mind, I decided to do something about the color of my teeth.


So, since I’m a student and my pockets are not entirely full of money, I decided to avoid odontologist cabinets and ordered a WhiteLight teeth whitening system on Ebay. You can only imagine how excited I was to find such a product for only US $3.69. So I ordered it without thinking a lot, then waited for almost a month to receive it, and finally got it a few days ago.

ImageIt included an emitter, a teeth tray, and 2 tubes of whitening gel.

ImageMore than excited to get my new perfect teeth, I did everything as written on the instruction sheet, grabbed my current favourite book (Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, if anyone’s interested) and got all cozy in my bed, ready to keep the emitter in my mouth at least twice as long as it’s necessary. However, the excitment suddenly changed into the look of horror in my eyes as I could almost literally feel how the damn blue light lasted blue and existed at all for exactly 14 seconds! Damn it!

I did anything possible to pretend I hadn’t bought a teeth whitener with bad battery – I took it out, put it in again (repeated 200 more times), I put it in on different sides (a little less times as I started losing hope), then shook the whole emitter for a few times, and then gave up.

I had to admit that this was the first broken thing I purchased on ebay and my teeth were not getting any whiter that night or probably any other night as I was so mad I decided to never buy anything like that again (especially if you have to wait it for a month during which you get only more excited and then this…).

Unitll now, I haven’t found the right battery to buy but I probably just don’t know where to look. Also, I’m not very active in looking for it in the shops as I bet it will cost nearly the same as the whole whitening system on Ebay.

So much for my white teeth I guess.

Anyway, I’m very interested in how much of a loss it really was – have you ladies tried it? Does it work? I would appreciate any comments on your own experience because now, when not so angry anymore, I’m thinking about buying another one.

Amila ♥

7 thoughts on “Teeth Whitening fail.

  1. Hey I’ve never gotten my teeth whiten- but I will be at my orthodontist when my adult braces come off :s I’m scared though because that stuff can be toxic all the fluoride or whatever they use :s – at home remedies – peroxide you know the stuff for cuts dunk a Q-tip in it and rub it on to your teeth for 5 minutes- it does look whiter.

  2. I think that you’re lucky that it broke. I can’t even imagine what it (bad) does for teeth, and does it ruin the surface of teeth? I would never buy such thing and play with my own health. I know that we all are dreaming about being just a little extra than we already are, but, you should never forget about keeping your health safe. I know that dentists are not cheap, but if you already have healthy teeth you’re lucky you don’t need one. And one day when the money is not problem, you’ll still have your own teeth and can visit a dentist to whiten them. Trust me, keeping your teeth healthy is the most important thing!

  3. I’m sure health is more important than super white teeth it’s just that with all those different opinions that I’ve heard about this whitening system, I thought I’d give it a try because you never know. Some people say they tried and it worked, other’s say they’re not healthy. But I definitely agree with you and that it’s much better to do this at the dentist’s.Thanks for your advice!;)

  4. Hey! I’m a bit like that with my teeth, they are already fairly white and naturally straight but damm the media! However I have found that drinking hot water with lemon in and investing in a good electric tooth brush has brightened them! It isn’t instant but it is reliable and good for you! (hang on this isn’t theatre work…) x

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