That Perfect Swedish Summer


Hello there!

Yesterday I had a chance to speak with my friend from Sweden which made me remember the time spent there. I had such a lovely time and felt so amazing during those 6 weeks in the place I’d never been before. Everything felt so new – the scenery, the weather (which is the only thing I don’t miss there actually), the people! People are so different in Sweden, I thought. Being among them made me feel free and relaxed. Nobody seemed to care or judge you. Old people had a number of tattoos and were walking in the streets holding each other’s hands or kissing. Every single person I met in Sweden was very kind and polite, so when I say people, I mean those I had a chance to see or meet on a daily basis.

Most of my time I spent in Östersund and a little of time in Stockholm.



Stockholm is of course a big and modern city. Östersund, however, is smaller and calmer. I liked the  City Hall, shopping, and going out for dinner in different places there but, to be honest, the scenery, nature, and calmness in Östersund is what I really really enjoyed and miss now.

I mean, what I miss the most is this kind of surrounding and atmosphere. I might’ve been a little too excited because this was my first trip abroad ever, but for me even the colors seemed different than in my country. While staying in Östersund, me and a quite huge company of my friends were often going to the Lake Storsjön. We had the loveliest time on the shore just chatting, making plans or resting after what we had done during the day. By the way, just look at what your feet have to deal with while you walk into the lake! It hurts or massages, depends on the attitude I guess.:)


We also had a trip to the waterfall, yet I can’t remember its name – shame on me because it was just wanderful! Quite small if you compare it with other waterfalls you might find in the world but for me it was absolutely enough.


Also, while looking around, it started to rain a little and then that’s what happened – just had to take a picture!

100_3119-001Finally, the strangest thing in Östersund for me was to notice that the majority of houses are colored just the same – in some kind of dark red! Also, they all have some white around their windows.  I couldn’t understand whether it was somtheing like a tradition or if it meant something at all. It turns out, the story is something about people being provided with free paint and so many of them took this offer. I can’t remember when or what was the real reason. Or maybe nobody ever told me the details to be honest. 😉 Anyway, take a look:


Amazing time, relaxing place and long-lasting memories. I hope to come back here again at least once.

Amila ♥

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