Monday’s mistakes and what I learned from them

Boy, what a day. Actually, only half of it but at this very moment I have a free hour and therefore I’m sitting with a cup of hot tea, writing this post and starting this day over. I feel like I learned something from today or at least reminded myself of what I already knew.


First, what I hear so often and what really seemed especially important to me today is that you have to control your thoughts. It’s so important I can’t even describe. Letting a random negative thought rule over your mind is the biggest mistake you can make on Monday or any other day. Letting that negative thought rule over your mind can make you forget how to enjoy those very same things you enjoy every day. Because of those thoughts you become easily affected by other negative people, situations, events, and it can absolutely destroy your mood or the whole day for that matter. But you all know that very well, right? Well, I did too.

Another very important thing I learned today is that if you have a goal, the one you secretely dream about, secretely make plans for achieving, sometimes even see that becoming pretty realistic, it  must continue to be a secret. Having a dream is one thing, having a very big and brave dream that you believe in is totally different. The latter is in a process of becoming a goal instead of just a dream. It’s in a very delicate and fragile state which is the reason why you shouldn’t let anybody find out about it and transmit their scepticism or doubts to your mind. As supportive as friends might be, they can also destroy what might be the beginning of your fairytale just because they believe in different things and/or they don’t think people can suddenly do something absolutely different in their lives. So, unless you feel absolutely positive about and sure of your dream or goal, don’t tell anybody about it. Sometimes it’s much better walking alone towards it.


I hope your Monday is brighter than mine!

2 thoughts on “Monday’s mistakes and what I learned from them

  1. I completely agree with you. Too often i let negitive thoughts ruin my days. Hey you shiukd visit my blog im giving away a free gift and maybe you can get to know me. I feel like my blog spere is a forn of a support system too. So if you ever want aid in your dream im here

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