7 foundations review Pt. 2



As promised, here’s the second part of my foundations review.  I have to say that the 3 of these foundations listed here are those that I currently use and at least 2 of them are those that I would go and buy again without thinking a lot. So I guess after having collected 7 different foundations, I at least have something I really like, recommend, and would buy again.

Maybelline FIT Me! 125

I’ve been recommended to try this and since I like Maybelline in general, I didn’t wait long to buy this foundation.  Yet, my chosen shade 125 is the reason why I came back to the shop soon looking for another foundation to try.


+ Not too thick so it definitely doesn’t make you look like wearing a mask.

+ Especially good for those who have light skin and like a shiny look on your face.

+Lasts long if used with a primer. By long I mean all day but it depends on the primer more than on this foundation, which leads us to …

– Without a primer, it becomes pretty horrible after maybe 3 hours. I definitely feel like I have to re-apply it on my face after those 3 hours, which I hate doing. So, I never use it without a good primer and when I need my foundation to stay long.

– I actually don’t understand why, for God’s sake, I bought such a shade. In general, Maybelline Fit Me looks a little yellow-tinted, especially if you buy a shade starting with number 1. So, this particular shade looks yellowish on my face. To make it look good, I have to use some particular shade of powder which actually is the only reason why I didn’t give up on this foundation. However, I think if your skin and hair are light, it might suit you perfectly.

– Another reason why I don’t think I’m buying this again is that my face looks extremely oily with this foundation on. I tried to apply less of it, but without any powder my face soon looks like soaked in oil.

L’oreal Paris True Match foundation (Beige, N4)


+ Contains no pore-clogging fillers, good for covering redness

+ Matches the color of your skin, gives a shiny but not oily look when applied on normal or combination skin type.

+ I noticed that it fits my skin both during the cold season and in summer when I’m much more tanned. That is why I bought this again, it really has that effect of matching whatever skin shade you have.

+ I can wear it for as long as 7-8 hours if it’s used together with some powder

-If your skin is already oily, then I really don’t recommend this as any extra shine might not be what you need or like. Also, my friend with an extremely oily skin borrowed and tried this once, and after a while it went kind of streaky.

-If you apply a few layers, for example in order to cover pimples, it might get a little cakey.

Regina APIS Coloured DayCare  -M- cream

It’s not really a foundation but rather a colored cream.  I didn’t buy it but found in a beauty box that I ordered once. Now, I like it and I’ll tell you why but first some things I found strange about it.

Image– It might be just me, but I haven’t found any and I mean ANY information about this in English on the web. No reviews, no comments. Of course, I haven’t done a real research so maybe I had to dig a little deeper but usually whatever product’s name you type in google, you find something about it in English, right?

+ What I’ve heard about this is that it contains a lot of natural ingredients as many other APIS cosmetics products do.

+ When I say it’s more like a cream I also mean that when you apply it on your face, you also feel like you just applied a bit of a day/night cream. I don’t know how to explain it, maybe it’s because this cream is so soft and liquid but it gives the impression that no foundation is on your skin.

+It smells really nice.

+ As for the looks, it gives you a little matte look but actually looks super natural, which is why I like it (and also the smell).

Catrice Photo Finish 18h liquid foundation (030, caramel beige)

Finally.This foundation is my most recent purchase. And I can say that even if I decided to buy something different next time, it would only be because of how eager I am to try new make-up products. In general, this is one of the greatest foundations for my skin and in general one of the best I’ve ever tried. I personally think that it’s worth trying 6 other foundations if eventually it leads you to this one!


+ Dermatologically approved, available in four shades, has light-reflecting pigments

+ Never tried to wear it for 18 hours, but it definitely stays looking just great the whole day.

+ I just want to include that, personally, I JUST LOVE IT. Long lasting and gives a semi-matte look.

+ Even if you apply a few layers, it doesn’t look cakey. Personally, I find my skin looking fresh and very even.

+- At first, it frightened me a little because its consistency is pretty thick and what I hate the most about foundations is the look/feeling of a mask on my face. I also know that some girls just don’t like foundations that have thick consistency. So, it might be that one disadvantage for some of you. However, never have I felt anything like a mask on my face even with it being this thick. I also find it very easy to blend. It feels absolutely light on the skin.

+ I can only say it’s worth a try. Recommended to all of my friends.

I hope you found any of this useful at least a little. Also, I always want to hear your opinions about these foundations, especially if, for example, you tried any of these and found it horrible. 😉 You never know, we all like different things!

Amila ♥

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