A comment on my blog

ImageHello there!

So I start liking this whole “writing a blog” thing. I think, I might take it more seriously from now on. And when  you start taking something more seriously, all kinds of questions and ideas start appearing in your head. In addition to those questions, I’m becoming more anxious about defining my blog and its focus.

Another reason for this post is that even though my blog is so new and so simple, not very professional or defined, somehow I got a few very beautiful personal messages about it and a couple of beauty-related questions  because I had written a few posts on it. I must say, you have no idea (or maybe such newbies like me have an idea, though) how much I appreciate such messages. This is why I started my blog in the first place (although it seems now that I never really expected this to happen) – to connect with people that like something I like. I can’t describe how lovely it is to get a message from a person who’s interested. Also, I can imagine how silly this might look to huge and successful bloggers, but  I’m a person that appreciates little things.

Now, I have to admit again that my blog is pretty much a work-in-progress in general but also in defining it and choosing its direction. As for now, I write only a little and only about what interests me. That’s how  reviews of beauty products appeared in what I claimed to be a lifestyle or personal blog. However, I’m neither a make-up expert nor a professional writer. In general, I just really absolutely love trying new beauty produts and while I usually share my thoughts about them with my friends, now I can share them here as well. I also like reading blogs about it or watch similar vlogs.It’s a topic I really like. And I write about what I like.

So, if anyone visits my blog for those beauty reviews, I’ll make sure every such post is under the “Beauty Fashion, and Fitness” category. Yet, there still might appear many absolutely beauty-not-related posts. I feel like I have to clarify it because I know people who like a blog for its one specific topic expect to find only such posts in it. Sorry in advance.

Alhough someday it might happen that I concentrate only on a beauty-related topics, which I have this huge interest on, as for now, I just like to try things and share what I think about them. If you like it, come back again!;)

Have a beautiful day,

Amila ♥

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