7 foundations review (while searching for the right shade) Pt.1

Hello there!

Today I want to reveal one thing I’m quite ashamed about. When it comes to make-up, I like experimenting and usually know what works for me and what doesn’t but finding that one perfect foundation seems to be an impossible missions to me. I think the best proof of this is that now I have 7 different foundations of different brands and, of course, different shades.

However, even though I’m struggling with choosing the best shade for me, by collecting 7 different foundations I actually found some great and bad ones among them. Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to present them here with a couple of notes on every one of them.

So, here it is. My foundation collection.

1. Let’s begin with something I don’t really like. It’s SeboCalm medium shade foundation or a cream with a color. I’ve no real idea because you can see what’s written on its back. Image+ It smells wonderful, seriously.

+ Apparently, it’s one of the BEST things my mom ever tried. I guess it depends a lot on the skin you have.

– Even with a great primer, it seems to be too difficult to smoothly apply it on my face.

– It seems to get too dark on my face, I’ve no idea why.

2. Essence Clear&Matt foundation. 06 Natural beige color. This is something I used for some time just because I liked it so much. However, it seems a little too dark for me so I used only a very small amount if it.


+ Absolutely perfect in how smoothly it’s applied on the skin. Plus, it’s oil-free and gives your face some matte look.

+ Seems very natural in a sense that even if it’s a little too dark for my skin, it never looked like a mask on a face. I guess, this is because it’s very liquid and not heavy at all.

+ Remains on the skin for a few hours.

– It’s especially liquid so I’m guessing that if you want to really mask some imperfections of your skin, like big pimples or other very visible marks, this Essence Clear&Mat might not be the best choice for you.

3. Because I liked the aforementioned Essence foundation, after some time I decided to try another one of the same brand. Essence Stay All Day long-lasting foundation. 30 Soft sand color.


+ Lighter in color and heavier in texture than the previous one. Basically, this one can mask those “imperfections” I mentioned above. However, I think it’s not too heavy and, in general, it still has a quite soft texture and is light weight. Personally, I think it’s great.

+ It says long lasting. Well, I usually use it when I know I’m out only for a few hours. However, a good primer makes any foundation last longer.

– Might give your face a little orange shade if you use too much of it. I did that mistake once. Laughed out loud while looking in the mirror. Thanks God, I never stepped out of my house like that.

Ok, so in order not to make a 10 pages long post, I end my part 1 of the review here. The other 4 foundations include L’oreal Paris, Catrice, and Maybelline FIT products. I hope you’ll visit to read about them in a few days.

P.s I want to address something obvious – the photos I post are not professional at all and I’m sorry for that. Basically, I would like to change that but I don’t have a professional camera yet. I hope you enjoy them anyway and see what you need to see in them.

Amila ♥


3 thoughts on “7 foundations review (while searching for the right shade) Pt.1

  1. Do you have any recommendations for extra-pale skin? I’m trying to find something to create the perfect goth look without looking like I’m wearing pancake batter on my face.

    1. As I myself have a darker skin, I can’t say I tried any super light foundations and really 100% know what’s right for you. However, have you ever checked Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation ivory? My friend who has a quite pale skin bought it on Ebay, shade no.10, and is very happy with how it works. Also, you can try Revlon Colorstay ivory foundations, although it costs more, they have quite a few shades for fair skin. Hope I helped.

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