My new Maybelline concealer

Hello there!

After having a little shameful flow of pessimistic feelings and thoughts last night, I woke up in a much better mood just to find a little surprise coming to my house! A new make-up product that I ordered some time earlier came to my house this morning.

Ahh, how little a girl needs sometimes to feel slightly better at least for a few minutes.

So, I’m doing a little review and sharing what I got and what you may also get if you like it because I purchased this on Ebay right here.

Maybelline Pure Mineral Natural Concealer


To be honest, I bought this mainly because I’ve never tried a liquid concealer as I thought that it couldn’t really mask anything if it’s liquid. However, I decided to try this one. First, I’d like to say, if everybody sent you make-up packed like this, you would never get anything even slightly damaged, seriously.


It costs 4.99 dollars and I think it’s an ok price, especially because it’s Maybelline and here in LT, we have Maybelline products quite pricy. Yet, judging from the pictures, I expected it to be a bit bigger. Apart from that, I like everything about it. It’s ok for normal and combination skin types and therefore perfectly fits my type. I tried it this morning and was quite happy about what I saw in the mirror. It effectively hid my a bit dark circles under the eyes and a few red spots that haven’t yet disappeared after I had about 20.000 pimples on my face a couple of weeks ago.

It’s also a pleasure to use with that brush and I really, and I mean really like that I don’t have to use any extra brushes.


I also tried it without any make-up and it still looked quite naturally. There’s something about the shade, I guess. It’s called “medium shade – sand” and seems to be so neutral that it fits a bit darker skin like mine is, and doesn’t look too white or anything.

So, even though it’s a little smaller than I expected, I think it’s a great concealer which will be used definitely.

Amila ♥

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