Beauty Shelf: Top 3 facial products that really help

Recently, I’ve been enjoying reading some blogs that give reviews of beauty products. As I find such blogs really useful and interesting to read (among many other types of interesting blogs), I also decided to do a brief post about some beauty products that I tried and really know how they work. Maybe it will be useful for someone, too. And my extremely large shelf of beauty products also suggests that this might be considered as one of my little obsessions. I love buying them and trying them; I have my favourites and those I would never buy again. So, I thought, why not to share it? I think there are plenty of girls in this blogosphere and if at least one of them would find something useful here, it’s worth a try!

 So generally, I have many different products for face skin but a couple of weeks ago I had so many problems with my face skin that I got desperate and bought a few new things to try. That, it turns out, was the best thing to do. So, another reason for writing this is that not so long ago I purchased a few products that I really like and probably will buy in the future. I bought 3 product which I immediately tried and my skin got so much better in about a week! Really, these are not only the new things I bought but rather the best ones in a few months.

So here they are:


1) Manhattan Clear Face Creme Gel

This caught my eye because of three main things. (When you like 3 things about a product at once, I believe, it just must be a good choice). First, it’s the name. I’ve heard a lof of great things about this brand although never tried it myself. It’s time, I thought. Another thing was that it’s antibacterial. As I said, my skin was in a bad place – I got enlarged pores and a huge number of pimples. My face actually hurt a lot. So antibacterial seemed the word for me. The third thing, was that, believe it or not, I caught myself standing there in a shop and wondering what the heck is a cream-gel because I’ve only tried either one or another. I don’t know, it might be that I just live under a rock. But it seemed something new to me, so…

Now I’ve been using that for a couple of weeks but, combined with the other two products, the results appeared in a few days! I was amazed. Another thing why this antibacterial cream-gel is just the best is its scent. I actually wanted to eat it. Loved it. Also, you can instantly feel that your skin is perfectly moisturized but it’s not oily. Finally, I might have imagined it but after applying this before the bedtime, my skin felt calmed down and fresh.

2) Geomar Idratante face mask

This I purchased because the shop-assistant threatened that the other two products I had picked were pretty harsh and might be drying. So, you must moisturize your skin really well. It is a mask that you can apply and don’t have to wash it off your face. It’s anti-stress, so I gues it’s useful to apply it after scrubs in order to avoid the skin getting dry. It also contains aloe extract and is ok for every type of skin.

3) Garnier Anti-Spot Exfoliating Scrub

I think that this scrub is the one that did the most in treating my skin. My pimples are gone. Just like that. Also, the skin is in general cleaner. However, it really is harsh to your skin. I know it says “oily to spot-prone skin” but I strongly believe that if yours is naturally dry, it might be too harsh or you’ll have to use some extra moisturizers a lot. Well, my skin is not naturally dry so it was ok for me. However, 2% salicylic acid does its job. After applying this scrub, as much as I liked it, I felt that I couldn’t spend the rest of the day/night without a great and effective moisturizer (for that I used either one or the other of the products above). The tube also says it “fights spots, fades marks, and removes impurities”. Well, I can only say IT REALLY DOES.

I hope you found it useful and/or at least a little interesting. Anyway, if you’ve ever tried any of these, let me know your opinion! Also, if you have a blog and make honest reviews of beauty products (especially about skin treatment products, not necessarily make-up), also let me know because I enjoyed reading those a lot. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Beauty Shelf: Top 3 facial products that really help

  1. I am glad you started with reviews! Interesting! Anyway, I had that Garnier exfoliating scrub, but it was too harsh for my sensitive skin. Unfortunately 😦 And so sad to say, that teen stuff for problem skin does not work for me anymore 😦 they seem to dry out my skin too much, so eventualy it brakes out even more. But, of course, even if I’m not a teenager any more, my skin is far from god 😦

  2. Thanks a lot!;)) I thought these were quite successfull purchases and wanted to share how they work with others. And as I mentioned in the post, it’s not a surprise they were too harsh for your skin and made it too dry. I was warned about that in the shop even! But since my skin looked probably worse than a teen’s, I decided to give it a try and it was perfect. However, I don’t use this scrub on a daily basis now since my skin got much better. I hope you found the right products for yourself. 🙂

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