Living from one photo to another

Yesterday I was in the theatre and had a chance to see one of the best (at least for me) performances in a few months.


The topic around wich they composed a great performance might seem a little banal or boring as it was spoken a lot about it in the media and it seems everything is said. Yet, at some point I got goosebumps on my skin which means a lot to me when I watch any performance, listen to music, or read a story.

So ,the topic was about how media and social websites, like facebook and twitter, change our understanding of reality. And one particular thing that surprised me was the idea that people live from one photo posted on facebook to another, I mean, normally people choose which side of their lives to show to others and it’s usually the one they are proud of or think it’s going to seem “cool” to others. Yet, it leads to seeing only what you want to see and paying attention to only those things that are good enough to post on facebook. This, in turn, leads to ignoring what is wrong with your life. I think we all know, how doing that usually ends. Lying to yourself and denying what’s wrong never leads to anything good. I wonder how true this “living from one photo to another” idea is.


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