Experiment: New Outfit Under £40 (Online Shopping)

Hello there!

How weird is it to buy clothes from another country instead of going to the supermarket near your house? Well I did that.

It all started with checking out online shops all around the web. I wondered how many clothes for the cold season I could buy and pay under £40. Because here, well, I could buy a pair of shoes, I guess.  Or 2 sweaters.  And here I’m speaking about beautiful but simple clothes, not of certain famous brands, I mean. So I decided to do a little experiment on that.

Well, guess what? I bought 7 things. They look pretty good in the pics, even better on me, and apart from the OK-quality bag, everything else is of perfect quality. Why were they so cheap then, huh? It may be a mystery to me, but while I look good in them, I’m totally satisfied.

I have this credo in buying most of my clothes. I mean, I’d rather had more clothes that are cheaper than a few extremely expensive ones because after a month or two I want the new ones! (Yet, it’s the first time I found clothes this cheap, to be honest). Call it my weakness if you want but I like having a lot of different clothes and creating my outfits according to how I feel and want to look on a particular day.

So here’s what I got!

  1. A pair of boots. I love shoes but I usually try being practical and buy dark ones, like black or brown. So I decided to buy something more unusual to me this time. Look what came out of this idea. I love the color. The only surprise, not in a good way, was that they don’t really have a zip like it was stated in the website.Image

    Wedge Suede Boots, Main material: faux suede, Price: £4.99

  2. Another pair of boots! Black this time. These I already wore so it might be seen in the pic. However, I just love the idea that I managed to get boots as cheap as that AND which look actually very good. They have 10cm heels that look wooden and I just love wooden heels.ImageFur Detailed Faux Suede Boots, Main material: Faux suede, Price: £4.99
  3. A handbag. Now when it comes to bags, I prefer buying the ones that are of good quality, have firm handles. I like to have many things in my bag as I often spend a whole day out, starting with the classes in the morning and many other activities until late in the evening. You know what it means for a bag: books, notebooks, a make-up bag, possibly an umbrella, and many additional things regarding what I’m doing that day. And this one, although I knew it was going to be of faux leather, seems a little unreliable. It is large enough but how the handles are attached to it literally scares me. However, I like the color and those cute tassels on the front.

    ImageLarge Faux Leather Handbag, Main material: faux leather, Price: £4.99

  4. You’ll see one black thing again. It may seem I really like dark outfits but no. I actually did lack some darker or black clothes in my wardrobe, and that’s why I purchased a few. So this is a casual jumper but I really like that it has a higher and wide neck (I like my neck to be as free as possible in terms of clothing). Its length is also what I really like as it’s a little shorter than most of my jumpers or sweaters. And I’ve seen Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix once wearing something very similar. She looked so great. Very cute. And I like jumpers/sweaters with ¾ sleeves. By the way, it’s 100% polyester and I did hear about how it might be harmful to my skin but… no rashes caused by my other 100% polyester jumper, so I thought I would take a risk again.Image

    High Neck Quilted Jumper, Material: 100% Polyester, Price: £4.99

  5. I also bought this cute short skater dress. I like the colors, such a vivid pink with dark patterns. I actually used it for the retro theme party. Together with an appropriate hairstyle it did look retro!ImagePatterned Skater Dress, Price: £4.99

  6. Next of what I purchased was this long bright and super soft cardigan. Oh how I like this one. I can literally see how it fits many of my every day outfits. And even if this may sound strange but it adds something very romantic to every outfit. Also, it has no buttons.
    ImageLong Lightweight Cardigan,Material: 95% Katun, 5% Nylon, Price: £4.99

  7. Finally, I bought these pants. They’re stretchy and therefore very comfortable. I see now that it’s difficult to see the actual size of these in the pic but they seemed so small. When I got them I was frightened that it wasn’t my size! I thought “uh-uh, woman, there’s no way you’re squeezing into them”. But guess what, they are indeed stretchy and only seem to be so small. Although in the pic it seems absolutely normal, so you may think “what the heck is she talking about?”, I will understand.Image

    Amila ♥

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