Get Fit at Home: 3 Favourite Youtube Fitness Channels

Hello there!

Can I begin with a question here? Let me ask you which kind of person you are – do you hate, ignore the need of, enjoy or are slightly obsessed with fitness and exercising? Possibly, there is a bigger number of “kinds” but I wrote the ones I’m pretty familiar with.  That is, I’ve been all kinds at some point in my life. And that is a good thing as I love positive changes and now I clearly see how positive and big of a change it actually was for me.

So whatever kind you are, I’d like to share with you my Little Obsession No. 1, which is exercising and getting fit at home. However, it is No. 1 for no reason, and I don’t suggest that it is the most important thing in my life. But it definitely is one of them.


I strongly believe that exercising is the best thing people can do for themselves. All those typical lists of high-sounding benefits of exercising that you would find in every article about health and fitness are damn true. Yet, I also understand each and every person complaining about not having enough time to regularly go to the gym. I really do understand them, probably because such people include 95% of my friends and me in the past. Sometimes it’s just not enough time considering the traffic and how long the way to the gym is, or many other reasons, which are really discouraging when you are a beginner and only start developing the passion it requires to keep going no matter what. I’ve been there. Several times. Then I quit the gym. Also several times. Then, I found out what the best way to exercise and to keep myself motivated actually was for me. Like a real geek, I gave myself into the non-existing hands of internet, youtube specifically.

When I found how many well-developed, funny, creative, interesting, interaction-based channels and fitness trainers there were on youtube, I started developing my real obsession with exercising. I actually love the idea of creating your own workout, combining different videos and having workouts that are different each time. Although you can do it from the very beginning, when I started I became interested in the theory, so to say, and I would encourage everyone to try gaining a little knowledge of your body and exercising in general before or together with making your own workouts.

Anyway, this was and still is the real joy of working out at home for me. The only additional time waste is for the shower, not traffic, and the workouts are interesting while kept professional at the same time. They are filmed and suggested by the professionals, after all. For me, it’s a win-win. And here I want to share with you my top 3 youtube fitness trainers that I just absolutely love and whose videos I include in each and every workout I have.

ImageThe 1st is ToneItUp channel

The 2nd is FitnessBlender channel

And finally, Blogilates channel

It might sure happen that you already know them and have some experience in using their videos for your workouts because they are pretty famous indeed. If that’s the case, then hello my friend! If not, share your way of exercising and all related opinions with me, please!

Amila ♥

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