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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

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Hello there!

I haven’t been very active online during the past couple of weeks and therefore am writing this post a bit too late. Better later than never! Sasha, who has a great new blog with a rather intriguing name The Black Sparkles Gal, nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Many thanks to you Sasha! I have seen the tag floating around the blogosphere but that’s the first time I am nominated for this one. I am more than happy to answer the questions!


The Rules

  • Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers
  • Create 10 questions for you nominees and notify them of their nomination

My Answers to Sasha’s Questions

  1. What inspired you to create a blog?
    Curiosity and desire to have a place to express myself and connect to people who like the same things I like. I also was interested in writing and had read many blogs before I even came up with the idea of having my own.
  2. Name 3 countries that you would like to visit.
    I would definitely love to come back to the ones I had already visited but I’d also like to go to Kroatia, Canada, and Egypt.
  3. What is/are your passion/passions?
    Playing the piano and reading. Since I moved countries, I can’t play as much. In fact, I almost don’t play at all and I miss it so so so much. Reading, however, is something I still very much enjoy
  4. Name a favorite high end makeup brand and a favorite drugstore makeup brand.
    Mac and Rimmel or Revlon (I still can’t decide haha)
  5. Who is your role model and why?
    I don’t think I have one but I generally admire positive people who are open-minded and real professionals in their fields but still manage to stay down-to-earth and respect others. I also admire people who seem to always try to make themselves better.
  6. What is your the perfect day?
    I don’t mind any activities that day if I can just wake up motivated and happily looking foward for what is coming. But to be more specific, a perfect day off would start with a great workout, include some kind of creative work, a chat with friends over a cup of coffee and a bit of playing the piano time.
  7. Which food are you craving at this very moment?
    Literally anything that has smoked salmon in it. I’ve no idea why! Great question though!
  8. Which animal is your favorite and why?
    My favourite animals would definitely be the ones I own (or actually owned when I lived at my parents’), which are a dog and a cat. However, I think Slow Loris is one of the cutest creatures on Planet Eart, guys!
  9. Which season do you love the most?
    Summer!! But then I do love fall, too. Actually, have you ever had this feeling when you love all the seasons but only for a couple of weeks because you get bored eventually?
  10. What is your best childhood memory?
    The moment I got my piano. I thought my little heart would explode from all the emotions I had at that moment. I also remember how I got stuck in a tree. Oh, yes, I remember.

Now take a look at the list of bloggers I nominated and check them out! (P.s I can’t know if you have been nominated for it already but if you have, I will understand if you don’t make the post again. I’d still love to see your answers!)

Broken strings and Pretty things

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Megan Leigh

Blended & Beautiful

The Rose Beauty Files

Posh & Spicy

My Budget Beauty

Living Disrobed

Young Forever

Finally, my questions for you guys!! They might be random though!

  1. What jewellery item is your favourite?

2. What is the last movie you’ve seen and actually loved?

3. What are your other hobbies apart from blogging?

4. Which movie/book/tv show character you can most relate to and why?

5. What is your favourite quote (on any topic)?

6. What is the worst meal you have ever eaten?

7. Name at least 3 ways blogging influenced your life?

8. Name at least 2 youtube channels you regularly watch.

9. How long have you been blogging?

10. What is your ideal holiday plan?

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait for your answers!


Books: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty REVIEW

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I want to share with you all the book I just finished reading a few days ago. Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies might look like a romance but it actually is not. It’s an engaging mystery and comedy novel that will hook the reader from the first seconds and leave them craving for the answers.

When I first picked up the book, I expected a funny and a bit cheesy romance, and I was still ready to give it a go. Only a few pages further, though, I understood that there was much more to the book than I expected. But first things first.


The story begins with a tragic accident at the Pirriwee Public School‘s Trivia Night, which the readers find out no details  about as the story suddenly goes back 6 months to the past, where they meet three mothers.

Madeline, Celeste, and Jane are the three women who became friends as they got involved in the ongoing Pirriwee Public School drama when their kids started the new school year there. The gossip, the real and fake relationships, competition and misunderstandings make them stay close and become good friends. The three women are very different but oh so similar in that none of their lives are as good as it might look like.

Madeline is a passionate, funny and a bit sarcastic “real” woman that you often can relate to, even though you’re 20 and she’s 40. And yes, she can’t believe it either. She does have a great husband and three kids and nobody seems to know about the feelings, doubts and regrets spinning around in Madeline’s head when she has to deal with her ex husband’s (who is her oldest daughter’s father) new family living in the same area.

Celeste is just stunning, probably one of the most beautiful women in the local mothers’ community, which makes everyone notice her, including men or fellow mothers. She lives a luxurious life because her handsome husband is rich enough to provide her and their kids with the life they all diserved. She is the woman that makes you raise your hands in the air and ask “why not me?” with a painful expression on your face because you have to struggle and she has it all. However, eventually the readers start noticing that something is really wrong with her life. And something really is.

Jane is the youngest mother in the group. She’s new to town and feels as an outsider starting with people and ending with the “rules” concerning the life of a Pirriwee Public School mother. Besides, she is a single mother which already makes her stand out and not in the best way possible.

Jane meets Madeline, and Madeline introduces her to her friend Celeste. All three mothers bond and deal with their own problems until one night, the schools Trivia Night, them, their husbands and other local mothers suddenly get one huge problem to share.


The Hook

Big Little Lies is one of those books that keeps you guessing from the very beginning till the very end. Something happened, and the readers know about it. Something big and to someone everybody knows. The funny thing is, at first you’re just curious – intrigued a little, maybe? – but the further you read, the better you realize that whatever the tragedy is, it happened to someone you already got to know. The victim of the tragedy (that you know something very specific about – it’s death) is one of these people that you already started to like, relate to, understand and care for! And there are no evil people in this little community of Pirriwee Public School parents because at some point all of their life choices or behaviours you can understand in one way or another, or at least they have something likeable about them, so none of the people seem to be worth suddenly dying. Now doesn’t that make you want to read futher and find out what the heck happened to who?


Apart from really funny and relatable characters, engaging story and suspense throughout the whole book, what I really loved about Big Little Lies was the themes it introduced. You may laugh at the silly situations and witty dialogues but you’ll always feel the serious side of the story, too. Power, sense of community, sense of separation, broken families, being a single mother, being a mother, being a wife, abuse, beauty standards and many other issues are not only mentioned but affect the three protagonists and other characters in many different ways.

However, I was a bit disapointed at the very end, in that little part of the book telling the story after the actual Trivia Night. I was surprised by the reactions, or should I say the lack of reactions, of some particular characters to the whole accident and to the person it happened to. I was a bit confused as the characters seemed so real to me all the way until the post-accident stage of the story, where some of their reactions didn’t seem realistic at all.

All in all, I did enjoy the book. It is original, funny, has enough suspense for mystery lovers and introduces some very likeable modern day mothers to follow through the story.

Rating: 4/5

Amila ♥

#Tumblr Inspiration 3: Funny T-shirt Ideas

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My Priceless Jewellery

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Hello there!

I would like to share something with you. It’s the story of my most treasured jewellery items that I love and wear, literally, every single day. I am one of those girls who don’t wear a lot of jewellery. Yet, the ones I wear mean a lot to me. A piece of jewellery can be a great adition to your style but if it actually means something or has a story, they really become priceless, regardless of how much you (or someone else) had paid for it, right?

Since I came to England, I’ve been constantly wearing two jewellery items: a ring and a pendant. I would occasionally choose different earrings or the second ring but that ring and that pendant are something I wear constantly. That is because both of them have a meaning to me and eventually have become my most valuable pieces of jewellery..

Success Pendant


On my last day at home, just before I moved to England, my family took me on a trip to one of the most famous islands in our country. We wanted to visit museums and the castle and to spend our last day together. My suitcases were ready at home and I only had less than a day to enjoy the company of the people I knew I would miss the most. I guess it’s no surprise I was so excited for the trip. Apart from that it was an amazing time spent with my family, I got this amber pendant as a little Good Luck gift from them. You can see a symbol carved in the center of it, which is a Sowilo rune of guidance, goal setting, and success. I don’t usually believe in things like that, and it was enough for me to know that my family gave it to me wishing me luck. However, I was so nervous about moving countries and worried about how everything would turn out for me, that I unintentionally started seeing this amber pendant as my symbol of success. As silly as it may sound, I have been wearing it for as long as I’m in England. It actually became priceless to me as it reminds me of my home and family each and every second.

Travel Ring


Another piece of jewellery, which is also not expensive at all, is this massive ring. A couple of months before moving to England, I went to Spain and decided to buy something that would remind me of that beautiful beautiful country. My love for Spain is something that will never go away, and I would love to come back there at least for a holiday some time soon. So, this ring is something that brings me all the best memories about that time in Spain. It was the best holiday ever! Apart from that, I fell in love with a rather unusual shape of this ring, although I never used to wear massive jewellery at all. Statement jewellery is not my style in general or at least not something I would wear every day. Yet, regardless of how huge this ring is, it became my every day ring.

Jewellery can be part of your style but it can also mean way more than just a nice accessory. I love when it has a story. That said, I want to tell you about, which is an online auction website offering a different items, including jewellery to bid on.


  After I found out about it, I have spent quite some time on that page just staring at some of those absolutely beautiful bracelets, rings and, of course, pendants (I have a thing for pendants, what can I say). So, I guess it will not be a surprise that I already have a few faves on that page!

Take a look!


Do you have any jewellery items that are important and meaningful to you? Share in the comments!


July Favourites

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July Favourites

Hello there!

So, it is that time of the month again. The time when I tell you all about the things I loved this month but most importantly, spend an unbelievable amount of time reading about the things YOU loved. Which is why I would love to see the links to your July Favourites in the comments below!


Favourite Skincare Product

VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream


Basically, I already dedicated the whole post to tell you about it, but I decided to include VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream to my July Favourites post too. It’s not because the product is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tried. However, I have been using it this month mostly and it became part of my skincare routine. For me, it is a great moisturizing night cream.

Favourite Movie

Spy (2015)


Now I have to say, I am very picky in terms of comedies and would rather not watch a movie at all than watch something I see as stupid rather than funny. So, when the people I was going to watch a movie with picked Spy for our movie night, I was rather uninterested. The shalowest beginning ever didn’t impress me either. Yet, 20 minutes further in the movie and I caught myself laughing like crazy. It’s stupid sometimes but funny most of the time. When I had to pick the favourite movie of the month, I instantly remembered this one.

Favourite Blog Post

Came Along Molli – Life Lately


Because it was an emotional, honest and optimistic text that I just could relate to. Not only does it sum up a bunch of negative things life can throw at you at once but also shows how one can still get through it even if it seems way too difficult. Many can relate to her story and feelings she wrote about, and I am just happy that she did write it at all.

Favourite Dessert



I have to admit, even though I have also mentioned it before in my post about my trip to London, I would be silly not to include them to my favourites. This was the first time ever that I tried macaroons and cannot imagine anything tastier now. I particularly loved the rose petals flavour and am definitely getting those anytime I am in London (or if I ever find them in my town). I still can’t believe I managed to spend my whole life without trying macaroons. Favourite treat ever!

Favourite Make-up Item

Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation


My new Rimmel foundation is definitely not new in the market, but I tried it for the first time and I am amazed by it! I love absolutely everything about this drugstore foundation, starting with the price and ending with the way it looks on my face. It’s not too runny, and I actually especially love the consistency of the foundation. It’s also buildable and smells very nice. Not that many people care about the scent of the foundation they use, but that’s just me being me. The scent of the product may be the only reason I decide to buy it sometimes.

Favourite Event

Outdoors Cinema in Colchester


I have mostly spent July working and meeting friends in our usual places for a coffee or a drink, so I can’t tell I had many events this month. However, my favourite event was probably the outdoor cinema in the Castle Park in Colchester. We watched Amelie (I know I know, it’s old) and combined with the company I had, it became my favourite event of the month.

So, that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed the post.

 P.S I know I’m repeating myself, but please leave your links to your July Favourites posts, guys! I am so eager to read them all!


#Tumblr Inspiration 2: Hairstyles for Medium or Long Hair

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#Tumblr Inspiration 2: Hairstyles for Medium or Long Hair

Hello there!

In my second Tumblr Inspiration post, I’d like to share with you the hairstyles I found on my Tumblr dashbord this week. I also found myself a bit into braids and colour as they appear in almost all photos I picked.


I have to admit, I am usually a fan of slightly messy hairstyles on a daily basis. But whenever I have longer hair, I start liking braids again. Especially, if they are less usual, like in the two last pictures!

I also like the most recent deyed hair trend. In fact, whenever I see somebody with the hair colour like in the pic 1 or 3 in the streets (which I see quite a lot here in the UK), I can’t stop staring! I know people have different opinions about this trend but I have seen so many women pulling it off that I started really liking it. Although I can’t imagine myself with the hair like that, I’m a bit jealous of everyone who are brave enough to try it.

What do you think of these hairstyles?

VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream Review

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review vichy cream

Hello there!

I have a brief review to share with you all! I bought Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich cream quite some time ago. Yet, I didn’t want to review it mainly because I think a cream is one of those products that you have to use for a while in order to actually see the benefits of it. It might smell nice and look pretty but we all want to know about results, right?

Briefly about the cream

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich cream is a parabin-free cream created for women with dry and sensitive skin, seeking to hydrate and soothe it. It contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water and hyaluronic acid, and claims hydrating your skin for 48 hours. It comes in the 50ml container for £18.00.


  • cleanse your skin first
  • apply Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich cream
  • spread the cream over your face


VICHY Aqualia Thermal rich cream review

First thing that comes to my mind when I think about the product is that VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream has an actually strong scent. Some people prefer fragrant-free creams and those should know that this one is not that at all. I, however, like products with strong scents. So, this doesn’t bother me personally.

The container itself looks a bit plain to me, but I am not a desiner and that’s just a thought. However, if I chose to pay 18 pounds for a new cream now, I would definitely buy a bottle that has a pump.

The cream is supposed to hydrate your skin for up to 48 hours and I can honestly say that it does. If you have dry skin, this might be perfect for you. Now for those like me, who have combination skin, this cream might have a bit different effect. While your skin will be hydrated for sure, it will also feel a bit greesy and may look oily. The solution to that, however, is to use this product strictly as a night cream. If you have naturally oily skin, don’t you even think about using the cream before applying foundation. I mean, that’s a waste of that foundation. I would also recommend to give it a go during the cold season rather than summer. I guess, no matter the skin type one has, it becomes drier and not moisturized enough in the winter, which is exactly when Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream would come to help and be really useful!

So, to make it a bit easier for you:


  • Hydrates up to 48 hours
  • Perfect in winter
  • Has a strong scent
  • Parabin free
  • Soothes your skin


  • Makes combination skin oily
  • Not the best choice for summer
  • Might feel greesy on your skin if it’s not too dry
  • Has a strong scent
  • A bit expensive, if you ask me

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the product, even if they’re not the same as mine!


#Tumblr Inspiration 1: City Love

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Hello there!

You might have heard already that I do have a Tumblr account, what I think about Tumblr, and that I like spending some time there occasionally.

Tumblr is something I use only for looking at the pictures, reading discussions and stocking celebrities that I like and respect. There, I said it. I am not really that active or interactive on Tumblr but I love it as my source of inspiration.

As you probably know, pictures is a huge part of this social media platform and I spent way too much time looking at them sometimes. Therefore, I decided to share my Tumblr Inspiration* once in a while. And here’s the first!

tumblr photos inspiration city

City is what makes my heart a little happier. I know that will change eventually, but as a city girl currently living in a rather small town, I am pretty much obsessed with the photos of cities.

Amila ♥

*None of the photos posted under “Tumblr Inspiration” are mine.

Why Would You Want to Live Abroad? TOP 5 Surprising Reasons

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Moving abroad, be it a neighbour country  or the one at the other end of the globe, is a huge deal. So huge that no tips on what to squeeze in your luggage or how to find a job can actually prepare you for what is coming. There is an endless list of things that will make you question your decision and think about booking the next flight home for good. That’s a sad reality people have to accept one way or another.

I am not saying there’s only a negative side. There’s always a positive side in every decision we make. And there is also an endless list of good experiences that you will probably have while living abroad.

Today, however, I want to talk about the reasons why to make this decision at all. Before I moved to England, 99% of the people I know asked me why. Some wished me the best of luck, some tried to warn me instead, but literally everyone asked why, which actually was an extremely difficult question for me to answer. Not because I didn’t know why the heck I was doing it but because I felt like there’s always a list of reasons that pushes you to make such a decision, even though people want to hear just one simple answer. As if that was so easy!

So, here’s a list of reasons, why you might want to go and live in another country. I don’t include, however, the most obvious ones. I mean, it’s easy to understand people who move abroad temporarily and for a clear purpose, such as to attend uni, for work, to visit someone, or to travel. But why would you decide to live there?

You want to learn the language

You’re a true linguist in your little curious heart. So, deep down you know that there’s no better way to learn a language than to live in the country where it’s spoken. One reason for that is because usually, even if you learn a great number of words, can understand grammar and even write pretty well, speaking is what most people struggle with. The lack of real practice of speaking in a foreign language is the reason you rarely learn it perfectly. But imagine yourself thrown in the country where the only way you can get what you want or need is by actually communicating in that language. You suddenly lose all your fears and insecurities about speaking and just do it!

Sure, you can learn the language at school, in university, by watching movies and reading in that language. But I am talking about a different level of knowing it. I am talking about acquiring the language to the level where you understand and speak it naturally and are able to use it to suit and express your personality the way you do in your native tongue. Not to mention that some things you’ll hear abroad will be never ever seen in the textbooks.

You want to start over


Sometimes, and even if you don’t think this might be a good enough reason to make such a big decision, you just need to get away. Be it your current life situation, love, family dramas or dissatisfaction with your career. Sometimes people need to make massive and brave decisions, like moving countries, and start a fresh new life because it’s too difficult to do that while being in the same environment. Sometimes people feel too attached to their routines and habits and need a so called “shock therapy”, which trust me, you get when you start living abroad.

You’re an English Major and you love it


… And therefore pick England as the country you want to live in. If you’re an English Major, you’re not only interested in reading and writing, ok? Among other things, you love the language itself, you’re interested in it as a subject and, even more importantly, you develop a huge affection for the culture, too. Which makes it almost impossible not to consider living in England and I get it, my friend, because I am that English Major too.

You’re too safe and you like risks

I have talked to a great number of people who decided to live overseas and one thing they all have in common is including challenging yourself among the reasons to make such a decision. You don’t have to be a self-help fanatic to realize that living strictly in your comfort zone puts a huge number of limits on you and every aspect of your life. Believe it or not, some people dislike the idea so much that they make effort to challenge themselves, consciously take risks and make big life-changing decisions. Well, talk about life changes when you move abroad!

You fall in love with a foreigner

You might think this is a cheesy one but think about the things love makes us do! If you had a chance to truly fall in love with someone, moving abroad might not sound as a bad choice. Actually, it might sound as the only and the best decision you can make. Best of luck, if that is your reason. Two people can survive much more together and the exciting things you experience creating a life in a new country can make you twice as happy!


You want to meet Harry Styles

… And therefore consider moving to England.


Ok, this was a bad joke, don’t kill me.

BUT if you are crazyand stupid passionate enough to consider such an even crazier and more stupid unusual decision, just don’t, ok? Just trust me on this one.

One thing I can tell you if you are actually trying to build a life in a whole new country, especially if you went there alone, is that you’re a hella strong person and I adore you already! Tell me about your experiences or add any more surprising reasons to the list!

Amila ♥


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newlook dresses

Hello beauties!

Show me one person who doesn’t feel like the summer time is going way too fast! While I am sad too, I also think the middle of the summer is the best time for summer clothes shopping! We still have more than a month of beautiful weather left and many shops offer summer clothes on sale. I checked out NewLook and found many cute dresses on sale right now. This is my Top 5 New Look dresses I loved, and I am pretty sure I’m buying the number 4 tomorrow (if I can still find it).

You have to love this navy lace mini dress! I love the color and the cute flower print. Cinched waist dresses are one of my favourites. You also have two other color options in lilac or yellow.

From £34.99 to £11.00

2. Blue Geo Print Swing Dress


You can only find one color option of this casual short-sleeved summer dress. I find it really beautiful and suitable for many occasions. It can make you look casual and relaxed but you can also wear it for more formal occasions if you know what to combine it with, right?

From £17.99 to £6.00

3. Lime Green Bandeau Bandage Skater Dress


Now that’s what I call the color for summer! Lime green will show your tan perfectly. Excellent for a night out.

From £22.99 to £10.00

4. Khaki Chiffon Belted Mini Dress


Definitely my type of dress. I love everything about it starting with the color, design and material. I love that it’s sleeveless and I especially appreciate that it doesn’t show every little curvy detail on your body. Even if you don’t have any, this kind of dress makes you look relaxed and actually feel comfortable. There’s another color option in chestnut.

From £19.99 to £6.00 (Say WHAAAT? I need this!)

5. Black Stripe V Neck Mini Dress


I can almost bet stripes will never be out of fashion! Black and white too. Another color option is red/white.

From £12.99 to £6.00

Does any of the dresses look like the right choice for you?

Amila ♥


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