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#Tumblr Inspiration 2: Hairstyles for Medium or Long Hair

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#Tumblr Inspiration 2: Hairstyles for Medium or Long Hair

Hello there!

In my second Tumblr Inspiration post, I’d like to share with you the hairstyles I found on my Tumblr dashbord this week. I also found myself a bit into braids and colour as they appear in almost all photos I picked.


I have to admit, I am usually a fan of slightly messy hairstyles on a daily basis. But whenever I have longer hair, I start liking braids again. Especially, if they are less usual, like in the two last pictures!

I also like the most recent deyed hair trend. In fact, whenever I see somebody with the hair colour like in the pic 1 or 3 in the streets (which I see quite a lot here in the UK), I can’t stop staring! I know people have different opinions about this trend but I have seen so many women pulling it off that I started really liking it. Although I can’t imagine myself with the hair like that, I’m a bit jealous of everyone who are brave enough to try it.

What do you think of these hairstyles?

VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream Review

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review vichy cream

Hello there!

I have a brief review to share with you all! I bought Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich cream quite some time ago. Yet, I didn’t want to review it mainly because I think a cream is one of those products that you have to use for a while in order to actually see the benefits of it. It might smell nice and look pretty but we all want to know about results, right?

Briefly about the cream

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich cream is a parabin-free cream created for women with dry and sensitive skin, seeking to hydrate and soothe it. It contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water and hyaluronic acid, and claims hydrating your skin for 48 hours. It comes in the 50ml container for £18.00.


  • cleanse your skin first
  • apply Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich cream
  • spread the cream over your face


VICHY Aqualia Thermal rich cream review

First thing that comes to my mind when I think about the product is that VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream has an actually strong scent. Some people prefer fragrant-free creams and those should know that this one is not that at all. I, however, like products with strong scents. So, this doesn’t bother me personally.

The container itself looks a bit plain to me, but I am not a desiner and that’s just a thought. However, if I chose to pay 18 pounds for a new cream now, I would definitely buy a bottle that has a pump.

The cream is supposed to hydrate your skin for up to 48 hours and I can honestly say that it does. If you have dry skin, this might be perfect for you. Now for those like me, who have combination skin, this cream might have a bit different effect. While your skin will be hydrated for sure, it will also feel a bit greesy and may look oily. The solution to that, however, is to use this product strictly as a night cream. If you have naturally oily skin, don’t you even think about using the cream before applying foundation. I mean, that’s a waste of that foundation. I would also recommend to give it a go during the cold season rather than summer. I guess, no matter the skin type one has, it becomes drier and not moisturized enough in the winter, which is exactly when Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream would come to help and be really useful!

So, to make it a bit easier for you:


  • Hydrates up to 48 hours
  • Perfect in winter
  • Has a strong scent
  • Parabin free
  • Soothes your skin


  • Makes combination skin oily
  • Not the best choice for summer
  • Might feel greesy on your skin if it’s not too dry
  • Has a strong scent
  • A bit expensive, if you ask me

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the product, even if they’re not the same as mine!


#Tumblr Inspiration 1: City Love

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Hello there!

You might have heard already that I do have a Tumblr account, what I think about Tumblr, and that I like spending some time there occasionally.

Tumblr is something I use only for looking at the pictures, reading discussions and stocking celebrities that I like and respect. There, I said it. I am not really that active or interactive on Tumblr but I love it as my source of inspiration.

As you probably know, pictures is a huge part of this social media platform and I spent way too much time looking at them sometimes. Therefore, I decided to share my Tumblr Inspiration* once in a while. And here’s the first!

tumblr photos inspiration city

City is what makes my heart a little happier. I know that will change eventually, but as a city girl currently living in a rather small town, I am pretty much obsessed with the photos of cities.

Amila ♥

*None of the photos posted under “Tumblr Inspiration” are mine.

Why Would You Want to Live Abroad? TOP 5 Surprising Reasons

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Moving abroad, be it a neighbour country  or the one at the other end of the globe, is a huge deal. So huge that no tips on what to squeeze in your luggage or how to find a job can actually prepare you for what is coming. There is an endless list of things that will make you question your decision and think about booking the next flight home for good. That’s a sad reality people have to accept one way or another.

I am not saying there’s only a negative side. There’s always a positive side in every decision we make. And there is also an endless list of good experiences that you will probably have while living abroad.

Today, however, I want to talk about the reasons why to make this decision at all. Before I moved to England, 99% of the people I know asked me why. Some wished me the best of luck, some tried to warn me instead, but literally everyone asked why, which actually was an extremely difficult question for me to answer. Not because I didn’t know why the heck I was doing it but because I felt like there’s always a list of reasons that pushes you to make such a decision, even though people want to hear just one simple answer. As if that was so easy!

So, here’s a list of reasons, why you might want to go and live in another country. I don’t include, however, the most obvious ones. I mean, it’s easy to understand people who move abroad temporarily and for a clear purpose, such as to attend uni, for work, to visit someone, or to travel. But why would you decide to live there?

You want to learn the language

You’re a true linguist in your little curious heart. So, deep down you know that there’s no better way to learn a language than to live in the country where it’s spoken. One reason for that is because usually, even if you learn a great number of words, can understand grammar and even write pretty well, speaking is what most people struggle with. The lack of real practice of speaking in a foreign language is the reason you rarely learn it perfectly. But imagine yourself thrown in the country where the only way you can get what you want or need is by actually communicating in that language. You suddenly lose all your fears and insecurities about speaking and just do it!

Sure, you can learn the language at school, in university, by watching movies and reading in that language. But I am talking about a different level of knowing it. I am talking about acquiring the language to the level where you understand and speak it naturally and are able to use it to suit and express your personality the way you do in your native tongue. Not to mention that some things you’ll hear abroad will be never ever seen in the textbooks.

You want to start over


Sometimes, and even if you don’t think this might be a good enough reason to make such a big decision, you just need to get away. Be it your current life situation, love, family dramas or dissatisfaction with your career. Sometimes people need to make massive and brave decisions, like moving countries, and start a fresh new life because it’s too difficult to do that while being in the same environment. Sometimes people feel too attached to their routines and habits and need a so called “shock therapy”, which trust me, you get when you start living abroad.

You’re an English Major and you love it


… And therefore pick England as the country you want to live in. If you’re an English Major, you’re not only interested in reading and writing, ok? Among other things, you love the language itself, you’re interested in it as a subject and, even more importantly, you develop a huge affection for the culture, too. Which makes it almost impossible not to consider living in England and I get it, my friend, because I am that English Major too.

You’re too safe and you like risks

I have talked to a great number of people who decided to live overseas and one thing they all have in common is including challenging yourself among the reasons to make such a decision. You don’t have to be a self-help fanatic to realize that living strictly in your comfort zone puts a huge number of limits on you and every aspect of your life. Believe it or not, some people dislike the idea so much that they make effort to challenge themselves, consciously take risks and make big life-changing decisions. Well, talk about life changes when you move abroad!

You fall in love with a foreigner

You might think this is a cheesy one but think about the things love makes us do! If you had a chance to truly fall in love with someone, moving abroad might not sound as a bad choice. Actually, it might sound as the only and the best decision you can make. Best of luck, if that is your reason. Two people can survive much more together and the exciting things you experience creating a life in a new country can make you twice as happy!


You want to meet Harry Styles

… And therefore consider moving to England.


Ok, this was a bad joke, don’t kill me.

BUT if you are crazyand stupid passionate enough to consider such an even crazier and more stupid unusual decision, just don’t, ok? Just trust me on this one.

One thing I can tell you if you are actually trying to build a life in a whole new country, especially if you went there alone, is that you’re a hella strong person and I adore you already! Tell me about your experiences or add any more surprising reasons to the list!

Amila ♥


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newlook dresses

Hello beauties!

Show me one person who doesn’t feel like the summer time is going way too fast! While I am sad too, I also think the middle of the summer is the best time for summer clothes shopping! We still have more than a month of beautiful weather left and many shops offer summer clothes on sale. I checked out NewLook and found many cute dresses on sale right now. This is my Top 5 New Look dresses I loved, and I am pretty sure I’m buying the number 4 tomorrow (if I can still find it).

You have to love this navy lace mini dress! I love the color and the cute flower print. Cinched waist dresses are one of my favourites. You also have two other color options in lilac or yellow.

From £34.99 to £11.00

2. Blue Geo Print Swing Dress


You can only find one color option of this casual short-sleeved summer dress. I find it really beautiful and suitable for many occasions. It can make you look casual and relaxed but you can also wear it for more formal occasions if you know what to combine it with, right?

From £17.99 to £6.00

3. Lime Green Bandeau Bandage Skater Dress


Now that’s what I call the color for summer! Lime green will show your tan perfectly. Excellent for a night out.

From £22.99 to £10.00

4. Khaki Chiffon Belted Mini Dress


Definitely my type of dress. I love everything about it starting with the color, design and material. I love that it’s sleeveless and I especially appreciate that it doesn’t show every little curvy detail on your body. Even if you don’t have any, this kind of dress makes you look relaxed and actually feel comfortable. There’s another color option in chestnut.

From £19.99 to £6.00 (Say WHAAAT? I need this!)

5. Black Stripe V Neck Mini Dress


I can almost bet stripes will never be out of fashion! Black and white too. Another color option is red/white.

From £12.99 to £6.00

Does any of the dresses look like the right choice for you?

Amila ♥

Annoying Tourists: Another Day in London

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As a total newbie in England (it’s been at least 8 months now that I’m here but there are literally so many things to learn before I call myself otherwise), I can never resist the opportunity to go to London. I’m fine with any occasion – to see a performance, to try a new restaurant, to go to the Winter Wonderland, you name it!

Last week, however, I decided I should just buy a train ticket, take my lovely British friend with me (because she’s extremely nice and knows London, and, well, my sense of direction is something people like to mock about) and just be a super annoying tourist in London for one day. I mean, sorry my fellow London bloggers, but I was as annoying as the tourists described in your posts about the city! Visiting 4 famous city’s places, stopping every few steps to take millions of pictures and therefore getting lost too many times were my goals for the day, and I achieved all of them.


We decided to visit the British Museum, Covent Garden, Hyde Park, and Notting Hill.

The British Museum

It’s no accident that we chose the British Museum as the first object to visit – it’s super huge and if you really want to see everything and read everyting about it, you need a good night’s sleep and the whole day dedicated to the place. I am not even joking, 2 hours in the Museum was enough, especially having in mind that we had three other places to visit!

However, British Museum is a very educational and interesting object to explore. Ancient Egypt part was what I loved the most, and you would too, if you’re as fascinated about by the mysterious hystory of it as I am. Who doesn’t like to see some ancient peoples’ bones or sarcophagi or to read about how to mummify a person? Well… ok, maybe not everyone.


Covent Garden

Our next stop was the famous Covent Garden. Not only it’s a super busy place full of many shops known world-wide, but it is also extremely beautiful. At first, I saw a magician, trying to show a a trick for a large group of people. However, I didn’t manage to see the end of it as a cute little Laduree shop caught my eye. And I did not regret a second spent there, especially not while eating the most delicious macaroons that I found at Landuree! (I tried the rose petal flavour macaroon, which I didn’t even know existing. I am now in love with rose petal flavour in deserts, if I can find any haha!)

11721168_10204512104503117_1439131049_n_Fotor_Collage_FotorNotting Hill

If you have a day in London, make sure you go and visit the famous Notting Hill. Just for the sake of walking in the same streets as Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in their famous film “Notting Hill”, we spent quite some time there. The main street offers you to visit a huge number of various vintage shops and butiques, quite a few places to eat, and the same book shop that the famous fictional couple “met” in the movie. We found many things to look at or buy, visited the book shop and eventually ate in the Jamaican restaurant, which offers a short menu of delicious food!

london 2

Hyde Park

To be totally honest with you, we spent very little time in the park as we were quite tired, thirsty and decided that we had seen enough after walking around for half an hour. The park was huge, beautiful, and it was nice to be in the place you see in so many movies.

hyde park london

However, we were exhausted and decided that finding some chairs and snacks was the best decision at that moment. So eventually, we went to this Argentinian restaurant called Moo, which can be found at Brick Lane. Olives and calamari were the perfect snacks with drinks. I actually really loved the place. Not only because of the nice interior but also because of excellent customer service in Moo. We got a lecture about our wrong Spanish pronunciation of the beer title, and we tried to come up with apologies in Spanish, but the truth was, none of us could remember the correct words. Anyway, the waiters were very welcoming, polite and chatty, which I am always amazed by if I see waiters/waitresses like that at the end of a long and exhausting day of dealing with customers. Those who have tried working in the catering will understand!


 It was actually an amazing day for me as a person who’s pretty much in love with London. In fact, being a tourist is fun too. So, I am already planning to see another four famous objects/places during my next trip to London. Any suggestions?


HAIRCARE: Umberto Giannini Frizzi Miracle Worker With Argan Oil REVIEW

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11655359_10204485094307879_1892772430_n_FotorHello there!

Let’s talk haricare today. Not so long ago, I decided to look for a haircare product to help control the frizziness of my hair. I have wavy hair that, unfortunately, is neither curly nor straight and recently started to look rather unhealthy. That also means my hair is frizzy and never looks sleek or neat enough unless I use tones of hairspray, which I don’t like to do in summer AT ALL.

So, without having anything specific in mind, I went to my local Boots for a new haircare product hunt and, as always, was blown away by how many haircare products there were. Because it was too difficult for me to choose, I decided to look for something that has an ingridient I know only the benefits of – argan oil.

I am pretty sure I don’t need to remind you about the benefits of argan oil for your hair but just in case!

Argan Oil benefits for hair:

  • Hydrates and adds shine
  • Source of Vitamin E and Omega 3
  • Treats split ends and tames frizzy hair

So, I found Umberto Giannini Frizzi Miracle Worker With Argan Oil, which comes in a 125ml bottle and costs £8.00 in Boots (but is available online too). That is a reasonable price, if you asked me, because one of the qualities of the product is that it will last for a long time, even if you have long hair!

How to use: take a drop or too and apply evenly on damp hair. The drier and more frizzy the hair, the more oil you’ll need, so that’s your choice. It can also be used with other styling products.


I have to say, I am not a fan of the design of the bottle (although I appreciate the pump top SO much) but what’s inside is more important! First, its scent is amazing. I absolutely love the way my hair smells after applying the Miracle Worker. It lasts long, too. Another thing I love about the product is the oil’s lightweight formula. There’s nothing worse than using an oil that should help your hair but instead makes them look greesy. Well, I tried one drop of the oil, then I tried a few and it didn’t make my hair look any worse or feel heavier and greesy. Actually, it feels nourished and smoother, and looks shiny.

One thing, though. It might be because I haven’t used it for a long time yet and my hair hasn’t yet become healthy enough, but the effects seem to be temporary. I mean, it might be slowly affecting my hair from inside (well, hopefully) but the frizzines becomes visible again a few hours after applying the oil. Again, it might be only because my hair is too frizyi now and it takes time for it to become healthier and more sleek, but I thought I should include this in my review.

So, if I had to recommend it for a friend, I would say YES – Umberto Giannini Frizzi Miracle Worker With Argan Oil gives your hair a perfect smell, doesn’t make it look greesy and helps to temporarily control frizziness.

What do you think of the product? If you’ve ever tried it, did it help you to control frizziness for longer time eventually??

Amila ♥

4 Summer Accessories under £5

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Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a rather girly post again. I have spent some time looking for the summer accessories in online shops today and found at least a few hundred of those that I loved and, of course, would like to buy. Just to let you know, it’s not a sponsored post or anything. I just went to Forever 21 online shop and was surprised by the variety of the loveliest tiny and interesting accessories they sell there for so little. That’s why I put 4 ideas of accessories they sell for less than £5 and I would personally like to have too (I might as well buy them today!).


1. Floral Gauze Headwrap £3.00

Now this is the one thing that usually you either love or hate. It’s very girly and not for anybody’s taste. I personally don’t usually wear head accessories at all but would like to try this floral headwrap some time. It’s not an accident I chose the black one – I’d rather wear it as an addition to my outfit than the main accent. However, it’s a nice accessory for those who love headwraps, especially to wear in summer.

2. Triangle Necklace Set £4.50

Well this is something I personally really like. I mean, I do like statement necklaces but for everyday wear, I’d rather choose something simple and classy. I also like to attach some meanings to this kind of necklaces and you can always find a meaning for a triangle as a symbol! Also, it comes as a set of 2 necklaces in total for less than £5!

3. Rhinestone Cutout Ring Set £4.50

To look a little more glamorous and fancy, on the evening out in summer, you can try this set of three rings. They are designed to be worn mid-finger, which is not such a new thing but still trendy. So, if you find it comfortable (I know for sure that not everybody likes to wear rings like that), go for it!

4. Beaded Headband Set £3.00

Strangely enough, when I first saw  the picture of this, I instantly decided this was a bracelet! And I would really really be happy to wear a bracelet like this. However, it actually is a different kind of headband, which I wouldn’t wear everyday, but would definitely add it to my summer party outfits or during the holiday to wear on the beach.

Do you like Forever 21 or maybe even have some of these accessories? Any favourites? I’d love to hear your opinions!


Make Time for Your Secret Passion

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Make Time for Your Secret Passion

Hello everyone!

motivation monday life quotes inspiration

I know that Monday is not the best day of the week for a lot of people. However, why don’t we try and get motivated today instead of labeling Monday as the worst day of the week?

A lot of us are trapped in our daily routines more than we realise. Waking up every morning, going to work and (maybe) working out or taking care of our families or other commitments that we have leave only so much time and energy to do what we have secretly wanted to do for a long time. Chances are, though, some of us don’t actually know that we want to do something. Or, we would like to, but never actually believed we could. After all, there’s not enough time.

I have to admit that I often am thinking the same and telling myself the same excuses. But then I eventually come to the point where I think “screw that”, excuse me my language, and decide to do something I really wanted to do but never thought I could. I also believed that it required so much time that it was impossible for me to do it. But let me tell you something – time is not the problem. It’s about how willing you are to break your so comfortable routine and actually commit to doing something else. It’s about making time for the things that are important to us. And I am pretty sure you understand that if you have been thinking about something for a long time, imagined how you do that and how your life would be diffrent because of that or almost tried it once but “there was not enough time” – that means this is something important to you.

Have you been secretly plotting the stories in your mind but are afraid you couldn’t actually manage to write one? Have you been searching the web and looking at the photos of people that transformed their bodies by working out but thought there’s not enough money or time to go to the gym? Have you been drawing sketches on the pieces of paper on your lunch break at work and quickly hid them when the work mate joined you for lunch? This means something.

There’s always a way. It only depends on weather or not you are willing to give yourself a chance. Why don’t you skip one tv show this week and write a summary of your story? If you get excited enough, you’ll definitely want to skip another show next week and write a bit of that story. To transform your body requires SO MUCH but money is not the number 1 thing that you need. You can start working out at home, run in the park or don’t eat burgers for a month and thus save some money for the next month gym! Why don’t you collect every sketch you’ve ever drawn and show it to the world online? There’s always a chance somebody likes it and asks you for another drawing for their project. Even if nobody asks you that, somebody will like it and you will be doing something you like. There are so many possibilities that we don’t know about but, most importantly, don’t allow ourself to have a chance of finding out.

You have to really get annoyed with yourself to just say “screw that” and just do something that feels weird, useless and time consuming but brings you the joy you didn’t even expect to feel.

In the times when we do a lot of things that we are expected or bound to do, some ideas, passions, and desires that come solely from inside of us are worth atention and, most importantly, worth making the time for.

This is where the magic happens.

Amila ♥

Movie Night: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Review

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Movie Night: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Review

Pitch Perfect 2 movie review 2015

Not everyone is the biggest fan of musicals, although Pitch Perfect 2 is not exactly one, but almost everyone wants to see the sequence of the popular Pitch Perfect. The Bellas are back and they are back with some noise! So I had to see this almost only because I saw or heard so many people waiting for the movie to be released. I also knew that Pitch Perfect 2 is one of those movies you can choose when you’re in a bad mood and just want to relax and watch something particularly easy. So, I had one of those days and I watched it.

Imdb Rating – 7,0/10

The movie tells us about how the story of the Barden Bellas goes on. You would ask “What is there to tell?” and you would be right, but those who created the story knew that you would ask this and therefore decided to give something for us to be curious about. The movie opens with a capella sounds and you instantly know what to look forward to, especially if you like a capella music. It shows the Bellas in a huge a capella competition where they sing a few famous songs. However, suddenly their “Timber” performace… well, goes very wrong. The accident almost determines their career to fail in the future as well as sets the tone for the movie. After the shameful performance, Bellas were suspended and their dreams were put into risk. Now they have to restore their reputation as a group and figure out how to prove their worth again, which is what the movie is basically about. That probably sounds familiar and, well, boring, and it’s exactly what I think about the movie. Apart from the funny scenes and a great Rebel Wilson’s performance, the movie is totally predictable. I would like to praise Anna Kendrick’s performance too but I just think she can do so much better.

There were definitely some scenes and ideas that I loved in Pitch Perfect 2. First, Beka and Chloe seem like the two opposites in terms of how they could possibly react to the situation and what they want to do with their lives. They sound like the two voices we hear sometimes in each of our heads, one of them saying “Let’s face the reality, let’s find a real job and stop dreaming” while the other is shouting “Let’s do everything that’s possible to achieve our dreams”.  Similarly, one of my favourite scenes from the movie, for example, shows Beka talking to a producer who tells her to find her voice and what unique and special she has to say. That is something that got to me as it is what we, especially being in our 20s, have to face every day in our careers, relationships or just life in general. Another favourite scene that actually still makes me smile when thinking about it is Fat Amy’s “soloing”. God, she has no shame and that’s what you can definitely love her for. Also, the people’s reaction after she does her “soloing” to the guy is hilarious!


Other than these and a few other scenes that I like, I find the performances really weird and not funny. That’s basically because I don’t find characters based on stereotypes particularly funny, so to speak. I don’t think all blond girls are stupid, all fat girls are clumsy, all gays have particular manners and that you’re either a talanted artist or intelligent. I don’t like stereotypes and I don’t like if all actors in the movie are representing just that. However, many people find it funny and I can’t and don’t want to argue with that because that’s just my personal taste and belief.

Another thing that I actually loved about Pitch Perfect 2 was the soundtrack. I feel like they did what they were supposed to do in a genre like that. There were some great a capella versions of the popupar 90s songs as well as current pop singles. You can here songs like “Torn”, “Timber”, “Wrecking Ball” or “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. The Jessy J song “Flahslight”, created specifically for Pitch Perfect 2, is now one of my current favourite songs and I just can’t stop listening to it!

So, my rating of the movie would be 6/10 only because I think the soundtrack fulfilled the expectations, some scenes were absolutely funny, and I can’t resist appreciating some “real-life” topics that I could definitely relate to. If you want an easy movie and are interested in a capella covers of popular songs, go for it!

What’s your rating of Pitch Perfect 2?


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