Mortdecai (2015) movie review

Mortdecai (2015) movie review

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When you see a 5.5 movie rating on, you rarely think watching that particular movie is a very clever idea. Unless you’re a Johnny Depp fan (do they have their own title? i hope not) and you don’t care about the raitings because you know that you’ll probably be seeing at least one absolutely amazing character in the movie. And you are absolutely right.

Johnny Depp  Movie review

Peek at the plot: In the director’s David Koepp’s movie, Mr. Mortdecai (Johnny Depp) lives in the palace with his stunning wife (Gwyneth Paltrow, and she is stunning by the way) and a bodyguard Jock (Paul Bettany) but has a little problem. He ows the British government 8 million pounds and, therefore, decides to find and sell Goya painting, on which back there should be a code to a Swiss bank. The plan that pops to Mr. Mortdecai’s head is very obvious – get the painting, sell it, steal the money, and therefore fix his relationship with his wife and live his usual life. However, it brings a lot of adventures and accidents that also involve a British security agent (Ewan McGregor) and never goes the way it was originally planned. The whole thing is a pleasure for us to watch because, for once, it’s not us whose plans never work. :)

The whole story is interesting and well planned but the movie is definitely not about that at all. It would be nothing special or at least not as exciting, if Johnny Depp wasn’t as brilliant as he usually is. (I am not fangirling here, I swear.) The Mortdecai character is what brings the feeling of an original and interesting movie here. He’s weird (what a surprise), different, living in his own little world and according to his own special rules. He’s a bit of a sociopath, if you asked me, but it only makes it more amusing to see Mortdecai getting out there to the real world and meeting different people (him meeting Americans at the hotel is in my Top 5 favourite scenes!).


mortdecai 2015 movies

The relationships between the four main characters is what keeps the movie going. There is love, jealousy, doubts and competitions, friendships and care, all followed by witty dialogues and snappy comments. I also love Ewan McGregor’s performance and character, which he fullfilled just perfectly. In fact, I think all four of them did a brilliant job as it’s in a way harder for the actors to make sort of flat characters so interesting and attractive to the audience, and I do think these character are complicated but still flat, if you think about it. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I am arguing with imdb now and give at least a fat 8 for the movie. Especially recommended for Johnny Depp’s fans or those who want to see something weird but easy.

Enjoy the movie and share your opinions!


Twelve Tips to Become a Failure in Your 20s

Twelve Tips to Become a Failure in Your 20s


We all know how to become successful. Some of us probably have “10 Key Rules” written down somewhere among our notes or saved an article about “5 Habits of a Successful Person”. Or you may have favourited a “3 Steps Towards Becoming Happy” youtube video. You may have applied some of those tips to your life or you may have tried other things to get yourself where you want to be in life. In any case, you understood and admitted that having a goal and working for it is a must. But what about those forgotten people who don’t want your silly tips on how to become successful? Because it’s called self-help crap and life is not only one way, ok? Neither is it supposed to be. So I called this list I compiled a “Twelve Tips to Become a Failure in Your 20s” list exactly for those people. Here we go!

1. Wake up every day off from work that you have just to stay in bed so you could whine about how exhausted you are in the evening. (Doing that after an exhausting week at work doesn’t count, you have to do this as often as possible. Remember, one thing from the whole self-help thing is really true – consistency is the key)

2. Don’t go to sleep early in the evening both if you had an exhausting day in bed or an exhausting day actually doing something.

3. Pay your bills and everything else with the money your parents give to you and don’t even try to find a job. Who needs to work when money is already in the bank account?

4. But if you have a job, spend every second of your free time watching Reality TV and frown at people who ask you about your hobbies saying “A hobby? I’m too old for that shit.”

5. Go out 5 times a week and get seriously drunk. Always. Then wonder why people don’t take you seriously.

6. OR don’t get out at all but everytime you talk to someone make them feel guilty for making you feel lonely. How dare they?

7. When you have an idea and want to create something (say, draw/write/paint), you better go and watch a video of a successful youtuber encouraging people to realize their ideas and to create something.

8. Always tell your age as an excuse when opportunities arrive. You’re twenty-something, wayyy too old to start anything new.

9. Keep repeating that you don’t have time for gym or working out but don’t hesitate to complain loudly about your weight. Oh, and jealous stares to your fit friends is a must.

10. Go on youtube to write negative comments about the guy in the video having a huge nose. For God’s sake, a person with the nose like that shouldn’t be allowed to speak publickly. However, he may have ignored people like you his whole life and that’s why his huge nose is now insured for an even bigger sum of money but you definitely should go and write that comment.

11. Be scared of everything. I mean, wait, don’t just be scared because that doesn’t actually make you a failure. And we want you to be one here, right? So be scared of everything AND always let the fear win. That means, never do anything you want to do because, you know, others might judge you, hate you, be jealous of you, say negative stuff about you… You may also don’t succeed in trying to do something. So, no. Just don’t try.

12. Always get offended and delete the definition of “sarcasm” from your vocabulary. :)

Finally, I just want you to know that doing only one of these doesn’t make you a failure. It’s just called having a bad day (or a few bad days, for that matter). Yet, if you want to become a real failure, you have to really commit to it and do everything that’s in the list. Good luck!


What I Learned From Secretly Being on Tumblr

What I Learned From Secretly Being on Tumblr

Social media - TumblrThe majority of us uses at least a few social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram probably being the most popular ones. Tumblr is big too, although it doesn’t seem to be taken as seriously for bussiness purposes.  It is still very popular among younger audience. I, however, am on Tumblr just to look around. I mean, I follow a lot of blogs but don’t post anything. I use Tumblr for inspiration and sometimes end up scrolling down my dashboard for way too long, which might be a waste of time, but I  would still cry if I had to delete my account.

While I use Tumblr to inspire myself, look at those beautiful pictures, and read some amazing people’s thoughts, I am not really a Tumblr community member. (You have to actually DO something to be a part of any community, don’t you?) However, I have spent enough time there as an observer to notice a few things about Tumblr and its community.

Tumblr staff can be funny.  You can take a look at their “terms of service” and instantly get what I’m talking about.


Tumblr can show the other side of your character about which you didn’t have a clue. The thing is, until recently, you would mostly see on your dashboard only those things you showed an interest in. This means you followed someone who posts cute pics of Harry Styles 24/7 and that might clash with you thinking you’re not into boybands or that you don’t care about celebrities and their lives. You also might want to think about a healthier lifestyle and things that deep inside you actually want to change because those 45 followed “fitspiration” blogs says something too.

All social problems are noted and fought over on Tumblr. Body image, animal shaming, racism, discrimination, gender issues, depression and other mental illnesses, suicide, homosexuality and many more topics seem to not only exist as something to discuss about for the Tumblr community but also are of central importance for many of them, which I personally think is awesome (except when they start having pointless arguments just for the sake of arguing).

What do you mean “punctuation”? I am not kidding here, text posts on Tumblr always seemed to be ok, but one day all punctuation just disappeared! People started writing 5-line sentences without even a comma or a dot. Same with the 5 sentence paragrapghs without a comma or a dot. (There are still posts with ok or even perfect punctutation, but the amount of those with no punctuation at all is just huge).

GIFs are like the next step in the evolution of visuals. A GIF is better than photos because it moves and becomes similar to a video but it’s better than a video because it summarizes it or shows just the best bits. Every new Youtube video or a celebrity interview is presented in gif sets in, literally, seconds.

youtubers, joe sugg, alfie deyes, caspar lee, jim, marcus butler

People are always shipping other people. And no, there are no ships involved in this kind of shipping.

You can find many aspiring writers on Tumblr and you can find really really good ones there! But you can also find both good and not so good writers posting an enormous amount of gay porn stories. Mostly called smut, and even more often involving celebrities.

Fandoms, fandoms everywhere.If you belong to any fandom, you would probably find many other like-minded people on Tumblr. They make a lot of GIFs after every new released video/episode/movie. They also ship the characters of that video/episode/movie and don’t you dare trying to explain someone that Dean and Sam are freaking BROTHERS.

Undiscovered talents. I can tell you this – sometimes it’s worth following even the cheesiest blog on Tumblr, which you are sure is run by a 13 year old kid, only because you might find out that this kid is a super talented painter/writer/the master of photoshop or video editing programs, etc. Honestly! Apparently I follow quite a few blogs that focus on celebrities and sometimes I see someone posting “so I was really bored today, so I draw this with a pencil I found on the floor in class” and then I see this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G picture of a celebrity face drawn with such accuracy without missing any details of that person’s face. I then stare at the picture that I couldn’t draw in a million years of trying and just think how unbelievable it is that the same person wrote “I’m worthless, I don’t know what I am going to do in life” in his previous post. Many talented young people are in that Tumblr community, they just haven’t yet been discovered or,in fact, haven’t discovered themselves.

You, of course, might follow absolutely different blogs on Tumblr and therefore have totally different opinions about the whole social platform. I would love to hear your thoughts!

#Askablogger chat!

#Askablogger chat!


In case you guys haven’t heard about it, we had a chance to participate in a new blogger chat on Tuesday hosted by @_OliviaJadex! It starts at 7p.m on Tuesday and, judging from the first look, it will be a nice new place to chat to each other and share our thoughts about blogging-related things.

Glitter Wallpaper

I personally found a few great blogs to follow and talked to a few lovely bloggers because of that chat. Moreover, I learned a few things from other bloggers’ experience, which is always nice and interesting even if you’re not attempting to become a professional blogger.

Here’s a short review on what we chatted about:

  • One of the highest expectations as a blogger is to post regularly, which (agreed by all) is very difficult for those who are not full-time bloggers. Some bloggers that deal with PR companies also feel that sometimes they are expected to like anything the copmany sends them to review. Being asked to lie to your readers must be annoying.
  • The best things the majority of us finds in blogging are meeting new people, and connecting with like-minded bloggers. A blog is also a perfect place to share your thoughts, be creative and express yourself however the heck you want!
  • Being a blogger has taught us a lot. Starting from time management skills, organizational skills and ending with the growth of confidence to be open and share your thoughts.
  • What was surprising to me personally is that a lot, and I mean A LOT of people have their blogs as hobbies and don’t think of themselves as professional bloggers in the future. For me it is somehow liberating to hear that it is actually OK to have a blog as a hobby and not attempt to be a professional.
  • Many people where inspired by other bloggers to start their own blogs. I wasn’t surprised to find out that some of them were inspired by the famous British bloggers like Zoe or Louise, to name only a couple. Some of them, however, hadn’t read any blogs before starting their own.
  • People also discussed about what they would like to chat about in the next #askablogger chat and I am very excited to hear that one of the topics will be tips and tricks for blogging, which is a perfect topic for a chat with a title like that!

That was only the first chat and I am super excited to join the next ones!

Amila ♥

Monthly Favourites: March

Monthly Favourites: March



We can already count hours until it’s April and I decided to do a short Monthly Favourites post to note a few things I used and loved in March. Monthly Favourites is one of my most favourite types of posts to read on others’ blogs. Because of them  I’ve got some new ideas, heard about new products and even tried a few of them. Hopefully, you’ too will like my March favourites (I have written only one similar post, which is June Favourites, and you can find it here) and share your opinions!

Favourite Make-up Products

Maxfactor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara. My first attempt to try this product was in December 2014, when I got it as a little extra for buying other MaxFactor make-up products. I must say I’m very happy about it. First of all, I wouldn’t have bought it on my own because I never wanted to try a brown mascara. I always liked the black ones to make my lashes as dramatic and long as possible. However, you would be surprised to see how long and dramatic they can look after using this brown Maxfactor mascara (I definitely was)! So I repurchased it again and used it very often!


MaxFactor Whipped Creme Foundation. I bought this foundation in the end of December and still had some of it left. So I’ve been using it a lot this month. I can’t even say what exactly makes me love this foundation so much. It’s the first time I tried whipped creme/mousse type of foundation ever and even had this idea to never buy a liquid one again (until I did because I found an amazing match for my skin). I love that it’s not oily at all but your skin always feels moisturized. It lasted as long as I needed it to last (about 12 hours I think) even without a primer and gave my face a warm and slightly pinkish color but still managed to look natural. Amazing.


Favourite Body Care Product

LUSH Lemony Flutter for Cuticles. Now this one is a product I have mixed feelings about BUT still love it for the good things I found in it. First of all, I have a huge problem with my cuticles. If there is one thing I ALWAYS am jealous about other girls (apart from super high metabolism) is their beautiful nails (which are only beautiful if the cuticles are healthy, hydrated and beautiful too). So I didn’t care about the price (you must know LUSH products are indeed pricey) and bought this lemony butter. The best qualities of the butter are the strong lemony scent because I love fresh lemon scents and that it softens your dry and cracked cuticles very quickly. A visible result in a few seconds, I’d say. However, I only use it for cuticles and not as hand cream because its texture makes it difficult to use the butter during the day. It’s very greasy and waxy and seems to stay on your skin for ages. I wouldn’t like it as a hand cream but it’s perfect for my cuticles problem. However, I know for sure that some people who suffer from very dry hand skin during winter find this cuticle butter a-m-a-z-i-n-g as a hand cream before bed time.


Favourite Song

Sam Smith – I’m Not the Only One. I couldn’t skip the favourite song part as music was something involved in my every single day this March. Since I moved to England, I haven’t had many chances to play the piano so listening to music became something I do instead, I guess. I’m not one of those people who have one favourite band or one favourite song but I have to admit that I listened to this song much more than any other song this month.

Favourite Book

There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me. This is a book I’ve started reading just recently and haven’t yet finished. So I can’t write my review on it but what I can say is that it is an autobiographical book about the relationship between the actress Brooke Shields and her mother. It’s also a story about her career as a kid model and actress and explanation about some of the career choices her mother made for Brooke when she was only a little kid.


Favourite Movie

Beyond The Lights (2014). Before you guys start thinking that I have no understanding of what a good and worth watching movie is, I want to say that I picked this one for one of those girly kind of evenings when you don’t need “the intelligent”, you need “comforting and easy”. However, this is not a dumb drama/comedy/romance type of movie. I actually really loved the idea of a celebrity wanting to free herself from the image created for the media. It was also nice seeing a story that again shows how money is not worth pretending to be what you are actually not. I really loved the main actress ,especially during the second half of the movie and I honestly think that imdb rating doesn’t show the truth this time. Anyway, let me know what you think about Beyond The Lights if you have seen it!



Things You Realize When You Leave Your Parent’s Home

Things You Realize When You Leave Your Parent’s Home


Starting from probably 13 years old, so many people can’t wait to move out, live on their own, have life in their own hands instead of their parents’ and just be as independent as possible.

I was definitely one of those people and when I moved out because “it was time”, I also moved countries and now have been living on my own for a few months. Deep down I expected to have a blast from the very first day. And I was silly. There are things I love about being responsible for my own life but there are also things I didn’t expect to experience and wanted to exchange to coming back to my old room and cleaning my parents’ bedroom whenever they’d ask. So here is what you can only realize after leaving home and, to be honest, you might expect feeling like this

but end up feeling a little like this

  1. It doesn’t matter how well you understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, you now will definitely want it (so much you would look at those trees just to make sure) and really get that, no, there’s no cash there.

  2. You’ll get how your whole life can become about work, and god help you if you don’t really like, or worse, hate your job.
  3. Making friends in a new place was much easier when your were a teen. Even if you were grounded every other day.
  4. Every little annoying habit your parents had now doesn’t look that bad. Now try living with a 17 years old flatmate having a very loud sex every night with her boyfriend who likes to sing in the shower at midnight when you have to get up for work at 6 o’clock.
  5. Paying bills sucks. As simple as that.
  6. On the bright side, nobody frowns at you for staying out too late or spending your day off in bed.
  7. You might always miss your bed. And I mean it. It’s been half a year for me, I have a perfect new bed and I still miss my own. It’s like the first love that you’ll always remember.
  8. Eating healthy is difficult and expensive. If you were constantly complaining that you were eating too much because your mum’s cooked food was soooo delicious, now you would give a lot to eat her food again. You might eat less when living on your own but you’ll also realize that it takes a lot of time and money to cook those delicious meals, not to mention buying healthy products. Just eat that toast and make sure you spend Easter at your paren’ts.
  9. Laundry. Laundry laundry laundry. Every lesson learned means a piece of clothing ruined forever.
  10. When you get sick and need to see the doctor, when your address changes and you need to contact the bank or, in fact, when you need to make any kind of appointments, you actually need to make them yourself. Then you have to remember to show up.

However, every change comes with the feeling of unpleasantness but, hopefully, you’ll become a decent adult once you get used to living on your own. You might struggle at first but there’s no better feeling than realizing that you’re becoming your own person, responsible for and in control of your life. These might look like problems you have to overcome, but really, would you even want your parents to do the laundry for you until you’re 30?

Max Factor Purchases + free gifts!

Max Factor Purchases + free gifts!


Today I had a lovely day in town and visited my local drugstore to look at the make up items they offer.

I didn’t really plan to buy anything specific but eventually bought Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation and Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer. It’s totally not my fault. It’s the Max Factor consultant who works there and knows what all girls like! She was very lovely and tried make-up on my face, showing all those products and telling about their benefits and some tips on how to use them. I just couldn’t resist. Well done, Max Factor lady!


I love the creamy texture of the foundation as well as the fact that it’s both matte and moisturizing. Double effect! It’s perfect for those who have some dry areas on their face, like I do (only some spots though). When the consultant applied this foundation on my skin, the dry areas were totally hidden and moisturized, which didn’t happen after applying a couple of other Max Factor foundations.

The concealer is more liquid and suitable for the under-eye area rather than for hiding other spots on the face. It lightens up the skin but not really hides anything. So I would suggest to look for something else if you want to hide pimples.

Also! If you spend at least £15, you get a present!


This is what I found in the box:


  • False Lash Effect mascara. It’s waterproof and does make my eye lashes look longer but what I didn’t expect and don’t really like is that it’s brown. I don’t really like brown mascaras in general as I don’t find them actually visible on my lashes. It’s great if you attempt to create a very natural look though.


  • Colour Elixir Lipstick in Cherry Kiss, which is suitable for all those brave girls that don’t avoid red lipsticks. I, however, will keep it for a special occasion as I don’t wear lipstics everyday. I still love the colour!


  • Nail polish Glossfinity in Raspberry Blush. Oh I do love this one. However, I don’t know about how long it lasts on your nails yet.
  • And finally, Wild Shadow in Golden Amazon. Perfect perfect perfect choice of the eye shadow if you’re brown-eyed or have a darker skin in general. It would also be great for doing a smokey-eye make-up! Itis not entirely of golden colour but has some green-ish shade as well (which is not visible in the photo, sorry). When mixed, it just makes the perfect eye shadow.


Ebay purchase: Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base

Ebay purchase: Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base



Hopefully, you all are aware of how primers can benefit to the quality of your make up and have found the best one for yourselves. But if not, you may as well read this little review about a make up base/primer I bought on Ebay.

You can guess, it’s not a very expensive one. I bought it for about $3 or $4. I bought it quite some time ago so I can’t really remember the exact price. However, it was no more than 3 or 4 dollars and, I don’t now if you agree with me here, but I could tell the price from its tube. It is a very simple grey tube which doesn;t look very attractive.

Luckily, the packaging and price don’t entirely define the product. The make up base is offered in two colours – violet (the one I bought) is meant to neutralize and brighten yellow tones while green should cover the unwanted redness of your skin.  The base is very fluid and it’s quite difficult to control the amount of the product that comes out, so that’s something I didn’t like.

You need a very small amount of the base to cover your whole face. If you overuse it, believe me, not only will it cover the yellow tones of your face but also your actual face. If you don’t want to become ghostly white, don’t push the tube too hard. Once, I applied a little too much of this base, and my foundation looked much brighter on my face that it usually does.  Also, it has a distinctive scent but it kind of disappears once you apply it on the skin.

One amazing thing about  Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base is that if you have an oily skin – it’s perfect for you. At least in that it makes your skin seem less oily and more matte. The substance of the base is not sticky or oily as well, which I love about it. My face is quite oily in the T zone, so I find it very helpful, especially with the foundations that tend to look oily after a few ours of wearing it.

DSCF4043-002Have you ever tried this or the other kind, the green one? All the opinions are welcome :)


Starting A New Life

Starting A New Life

Hi there!

Long time no see! I don’t even know how much time has passed exactly since my last post but I have a pretty serious reason for that. Not only did I lose some faith in what I was doing here, which I think is normal, but I also seriously changed my life, which left no time for reviewing make-up items or posting pictures of my happy moments.

First, I went to Sweden for work and holiday with the intention to figure out my life and my future. Then, I got out of a 5 year relationship with the person I though I’d spent my life together. Finally, I moved to the UK, found a job (totally different from what I had been doing until now) and started living on my own for the first time, again, with the intentions to figure out my life and my future.

Well guess what? I haven’t figured out anything yet except that I need to keep looking for the opportunities and not allow myself to get comfortable with this kind of job and this kind of life.

After a whole month of living in a totally different world from what I was used to, I can tell now that I understand what loneliness really is, I understand how hard it is to get yourself in the position where you are respected and accepted when there isn’t a single person who knows about your past and how good you are at something. I also met such people which I call “life lessons” instead of their real names because they are really challenging pains in the ass and you have to find a way to deal with it.

Apart from that, I can say that (and everyone who did something similar will understand that) I am proud of myself at least for trying to change what I didn’t like in my life. I mean, I absolutely stepped out of my comfort zone. In fact, not only did I stretch it but went far away from its boundaries untill it wasn’t just uncomfortable but rather unbelievably stressful. And I got used to it. I overcame the difficulties and challenges and I can’t tell you enough how this step changed me.


From now on, if I meet a person who wants to change his/her life but is scared, I WILL encourage them with all the passion I have inside of me. Change is good. Change is opportunity. Change is new experiences and new life.

Amila ♥

Summer Body Lotion – AVON

Summer Body Lotion – AVON



I recently bought something new from AVON and wanted to share it with the beauty lovers! I’ve already spoke about how happy I was with the hair serum from AVON so I thought it was time to try out some other of their products.

I bought AVON Sensuelle body lotion of the scent I literally adore. They offer the body lotion, perfume and hand cream of the same scent, which is kind of typical for AVON. I guess they think if you like some particular scent, you may as well like having it everywhere on your body. Well, I can’t complain. I think it’s a better idea than having ten thousand different scents on you.

The scent is the main reason I bought it. If you tried this, you may help with describing it as I’m terrible at describing scents! I either like it or not. What I can definitely say is that it smells fresh and seems perfect for summer. It does have a slightly stronger scent than usual body lotions. Personally, this one definitely seems more suitable for using before going out than before going to sleep. I kind of  see it as body perfume . It’s also quite fluid, actually more fluid than body lotions that are meant to moisturize your skin.

It says “smooth over body whenever needed” on the back but we could’ve figured it out by ourselves, right?


Amila ♥