Things You Realize When You Leave Your Parent’s Home


Starting from probably 13 years old, so many people can’t wait to move out, live on their own, have life in their own hands instead of their parents’ and just be as independent as possible.

I was definitely one of those people and when I moved out because “it was time”, I also moved countries and now have been living on my own for a few months. Deep down I expected to have a blast from the very first day. And I was silly. There are things I love about being responsible for my own life but there are also things I didn’t expect to experience and wanted to exchange to coming back to my old room and cleaning my parents’ bedroom whenever they’d ask. So here is what you can only realize after leaving home and, to be honest, you might expect feeling like this

but end up feeling a little like this

  1. It doesn’t matter how well you understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, you now will definitely want it (so much you would look at those trees just to make sure) and really get that, no, there’s no cash there.

  2. You’ll get how your whole life can become about work, and god help you if you don’t really like, or worse, hate your job.
  3. Making friends in a new place was much easier when your were a teen. Even if you were grounded every other day.
  4. Every little annoying habit your parents had now doesn’t look that bad. Now try living with a 17 years old flatmate having a very loud sex every night with her boyfriend who likes to sing in the shower at midnight when you have to get up for work at 6 o’clock.

  5. Paying bills sucks. As simple as that.
  6. On the bright side, nobody frowns at you for staying out too late or spending your day off in bed.
  7. You might always miss your bed. And I mean it. It’s been half a year for me, I have a perfect new bed and I still miss my own. It’s like the first love that you’ll always remember.
  8. Eating healthy is difficult and expensive. If you were constantly complaining that you were eating too much because your mum’s cooked food was soooo delicious, now you would give a lot to eat her food again. You might eat less when living on your own but you’ll also realize that it takes a lot of time and money to cook those delicious meals, not to mention buying healthy products. Just eat that toast and make sure you spend Easter at your paren’ts.
  9. Laundry. Laundry laundry laundry. Every lesson learned means a piece of clothing ruined forever.
  10. When you get sick and need to see the doctor, when your address changes and you need to contact the bank or, in fact, when you need to make any kind of appointments, you actually need to make them yourself. Then you have to remember to show up.

However, every change comes with the feeling of unpleasantness but, hopefully, you’ll become a decent adult once you get used to living on your own. You might struggle at first but there’s no better feeling than realizing that you’re becoming your own person, responsible for and in control of your life. These might look like problems you have to overcome, but really, would you even want your parents to do the laundry for you until you’re 30?

My Life in Essex: Weird Theatre Night

england essex theatre art review Hello!

I want to share with you something I saw this week and found quite weird, to say the least. Since I had a day off, I thought I’d like to just go out and do something to put my mind off of work-related stuff. So I found an ad about a theatre performance happening in the evening and instantly decided to go.

This artist, Lucy Hutson, came from London to perfom her show calledBritney Spears Custody Battle vs. Zeus in Swan Rape Shocker”. Quite a title, huh? Now risking to sound absolutely stupid, I will not hide it – I can’t explain how and why the title relates to the performance itself and the issues discussed in it. You can make a lot of theories about the things you don’t understand but I’d rather didn’t. Not this time at least. I have this weird idea that Lucy might find this post and slap me in the face for misleading interpretations of her art. And trust me, she seems like a woman you don’t want to mess with.

If I had to describe the whole performance in one sentence, I would probably repeat this:

111However, as confused as I was for seeing a lot of things during her performance, (including about 20 little coloured ponies on the stage), I did like the idea I got from it. I liked what she talked about. I liked that I could relate to the sign she asked random people from the audience to hold in their hands on stage. The sign said “I don’t care about anything, give me a cause”. What I found in her performance (apart from everything that’s under her clothes, you know) was the idea of us, the majority of people, feeling lost and empty sometimes. In fact, so lost and so empty that we do random things with such a passion for totally wrong reasons. I mean, sometimes we desperately get into doing something (she was talking about having been going to various protests for God knows why), put our whole heart and energy into doing that just so we could feel like we have a purpose. Most importantly, that we are fulfilling that purpose and doing something good in our lives.

Also, she just was a damn brave woman.

Amila ♥

Max Factor Purchases + free gifts!


Today I had a lovely day in town and visited my local drugstore to look at the make up items they offer.

I didn’t really plan to buy anything specific but eventually bought Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation and Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer. It’s totally not my fault. It’s the Max Factor consultant who works there and knows what all girls like! She was very lovely and tried make-up on my face, showing all those products and telling about their benefits and some tips on how to use them. I just couldn’t resist. Well done, Max Factor lady!


I love the creamy texture of the foundation as well as the fact that it’s both matte and moisturizing. Double effect! It’s perfect for those who have some dry areas on their face, like I do (only some spots though). When the consultant applied this foundation on my skin, the dry areas were totally hidden and moisturized, which didn’t happen after applying a couple of other Max Factor foundations.

The concealer is more liquid and suitable for the under-eye area rather than for hiding other spots on the face. It lightens up the skin but not really hides anything. So I would suggest to look for something else if you want to hide pimples.

Also! If you spend at least £15, you get a present!


This is what I found in the box:


  • False Lash Effect mascara. It’s waterproof and does make my eye lashes look longer but what I didn’t expect and don’t really like is that it’s brown. I don’t really like brown mascaras in general as I don’t find them actually visible on my lashes. It’s great if you attempt to create a very natural look though.


  • Colour Elixir Lipstick in Cherry Kiss, which is suitable for all those brave girls that don’t avoid red lipsticks. I, however, will keep it for a special occasion as I don’t wear lipstics everyday. I still love the colour!


  • Nail polish Glossfinity in Raspberry Blush. Oh I do love this one. However, I don’t know about how long it lasts on your nails yet.
  • And finally, Wild Shadow in Golden Amazon. Perfect perfect perfect choice of the eye shadow if you’re brown-eyed or have a darker skin in general. It would also be great for doing a smokey-eye make-up! Itis not entirely of golden colour but has some green-ish shade as well (which is not visible in the photo, sorry). When mixed, it just makes the perfect eye shadow.


When “What Ifs” Are Killing You

Living your life without taking control of it and just “going with the flow” is particularly easy at first. There’s a fairly predictable path you may want to go until you’re about 22 (the age can vary!). So you go to school, then you get into college or university, and then you have to choose a career. But at some point you just get the possibility of choosing a clear start or following what you’ve been doing so far. The direction you choose depends on how satisfied you are about your life and the only way you find the answer is to look inside yourself. (I’m sure there are people – and I’m very glad for them – who have known what they wanted their life to be like since they were 5, but the post is more about those like me, who never did).

After graduating from university, I had my chance to ask myself “what now?”. I felt like I had been living with a constant feeling of lacking something, frustrated about not doing anything about it and losing control of my life. My relationship wasn’t as satisfying anymore and there were many reasons for that but mostly, me and my boyfriend were in the middle of creating our own lives and focused on ourselves most of the time, which left little energy to focus on each other. So we grew apart to the point where it wasn’t so hard to say our goodbyes anymore. It’s not as easy as it may sound but it always does sound easier when you speak about the ended relationship after some time, doesn’t it?

Also, I had a huge desire to leave my parents’ house and start living on my own. The only thing I didn’t understand then was that leaving the house means leaving my family (obviously, right?). I couldn’t really understand the feeling until I finally left and this is still heartbtreaking for me. But at the same time I think this is a natural stage of growing up which can’t be denied. It’s everyone’s personal choice, but I can’t imagine myself living with my parents all the time.

The point is, everything I had in my life was safe. In the middle of my comfort zone except for occasional challenges. And I was sick and tired of having everything safe.

However, I felt like I came to that point in my life where I didn’t have any responsibilities keeping me in the same place anymore – no boyfriend, no studies, no amazing job I couldn’t leave (although I had a fairly nice job). And this led to me realising that for the past few years this was exactly what I had been asking myself – WHAT IF I didn’t have a boyfriend? What if I didn’t have my studies here? What if I didn’t live with my parents? And I always new the answer – I would move to the UK, start living on my own and get to know the culture I’ve been studying for 4 years. And then? Who knows!

DSCF3469So this was it.

I took the first chance to test those “what ifs” that had been spinning in my mind for years. And despite of all the difficulties I had and still have to face here, I feel relieved. It’s a good thing to take control of your life and take a risk. No matter what happens you can always change the direction you’re going now. So why not take a risk and try something you were silently thinking about in sentences starting with “what if”?

Personally, I now realize that I never knew how much weight those “what ifs” had. And it’s our choice if we carry that weight on our shoulders or drop it and take a little risk in our lives! Who knows what amazing things we are missing while staying in the same place, frustrated and annoyed.


Ebay purchase: Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base



Hopefully, you all are aware of how primers can benefit to the quality of your make up and have found the best one for yourselves. But if not, you may as well read this little review about a make up base/primer I bought on Ebay.

You can guess, it’s not a very expensive one. I bought it for about $3 or $4. I bought it quite some time ago so I can’t really remember the exact price. However, it was no more than 3 or 4 dollars and, I don’t now if you agree with me here, but I could tell the price from its tube. It is a very simple grey tube which doesn;t look very attractive.

Luckily, the packaging and price don’t entirely define the product. The make up base is offered in two colours – violet (the one I bought) is meant to neutralize and brighten yellow tones while green should cover the unwanted redness of your skin.  The base is very fluid and it’s quite difficult to control the amount of the product that comes out, so that’s something I didn’t like.

You need a very small amount of the base to cover your whole face. If you overuse it, believe me, not only will it cover the yellow tones of your face but also your actual face. If you don’t want to become ghostly white, don’t push the tube too hard. Once, I applied a little too much of this base, and my foundation looked much brighter on my face that it usually does.  Also, it has a distinctive scent but it kind of disappears once you apply it on the skin.

One amazing thing about  Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base is that if you have an oily skin – it’s perfect for you. At least in that it makes your skin seem less oily and more matte. The substance of the base is not sticky or oily as well, which I love about it. My face is quite oily in the T zone, so I find it very helpful, especially with the foundations that tend to look oily after a few ours of wearing it.

DSCF4043-002Have you ever tried this or the other kind, the green one? All the opinions are welcome :)


Starting A New Life

Hi there!

Long time no see! I don’t even know how much time has passed exactly since my last post but I have a pretty serious reason for that. Not only did I lose some faith in what I was doing here, which I think is normal, but I also seriously changed my life, which left no time for reviewing make-up items or posting pictures of my happy moments.

First, I went to Sweden for work and holiday with the intention to figure out my life and my future. Then, I got out of a 5 year relationship with the person I though I’d spent my life together. Finally, I moved to the UK, found a job (totally different from what I had been doing until now) and started living on my own for the first time, again, with the intentions to figure out my life and my future.

Well guess what? I haven’t figured out anything yet except that I need to keep looking for the opportunities and not allow myself to get comfortable with this kind of job and this kind of life.

After a whole month of living in a totally different world from what I was used to, I can tell now that I understand what loneliness really is, I understand how hard it is to get yourself in the position where you are respected and accepted when there isn’t a single person who knows about your past and how good you are at something. I also met such people which I call “life lessons” instead of their real names because they are really challenging pains in the ass and you have to find a way to deal with it.

Apart from that, I can say that (and everyone who did something similar will understand that) I am proud of myself at least for trying to change what I didn’t like in my life. I mean, I absolutely stepped out of my comfort zone. In fact, not only did I stretch it but went far away from its boundaries untill it wasn’t just uncomfortable but rather unbelievably stressful. And I got used to it. I overcame the difficulties and challenges and I can’t tell you enough how this step changed me.


From now on, if I meet a person who wants to change his/her life but is scared, I WILL encourage them with all the passion I have inside of me. Change is good. Change is opportunity. Change is new experiences and new life.

Amila ♥

Summer Body Lotion – AVON



I recently bought something new from AVON and wanted to share it with the beauty lovers! I’ve already spoke about how happy I was with the hair serum from AVON so I thought it was time to try out some other of their products.

I bought AVON Sensuelle body lotion of the scent I literally adore. They offer the body lotion, perfume and hand cream of the same scent, which is kind of typical for AVON. I guess they think if you like some particular scent, you may as well like having it everywhere on your body. Well, I can’t complain. I think it’s a better idea than having ten thousand different scents on you.

The scent is the main reason I bought it. If you tried this, you may help with describing it as I’m terrible at describing scents! I either like it or not. What I can definitely say is that it smells fresh and seems perfect for summer. It does have a slightly stronger scent than usual body lotions. Personally, this one definitely seems more suitable for using before going out than before going to sleep. I kind of  see it as body perfume . It’s also quite fluid, actually more fluid than body lotions that are meant to moisturize your skin.

It says “smooth over body whenever needed” on the back but we could’ve figured it out by ourselves, right?


Amila ♥

Liebster award!


I’m very surprised that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award again and want to thank the lovely blogger very much! You can check out her Chinese Whispers blog!

However, I’d been nominated for this award twice before so I’m not going to nominate another 11 bloggers. But I’m more than happy to answer the questions that come with the nomination.

So here are the rules:

  • First, post 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Then, answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you will post.
  • Finally, choose 11 new blogs with under 200 followers for their Liebster Award, notify them that they have been nominated, and think of 11 questions for them to answer!

Getting straight to the point here!

11 random facts about me:

1. Tomorrow I’m going to Sweden again and am praying for a good weather there.

2. I used to collect candles and now have 34 of them. Now I’m trying to use them as often as possible and don’t feel like collecting them anymore.

3.  I’m a huge fighter for all kinds of rigths.

4. I’m addicted to coffee, music, and tumblr. I’m sure there are more things but these 3 came to my mind instantly.

5. I’m in love with Di Palomo beauty products.

6. I don’t like alcohol except for wine.

7. When I was 6, I wrote “a book” about a guy, who actually was my neighbour, and I used to follow him everywhere for a couple of days saying I was doing my research. Naughty child I was.

8. I always wear 2 rings. I don’t know why and when it started but now it’s an undeniable habit.

9. My secret crazy dream would be to appear in a movie as an extra at least once in my life.

10. One of my new desires is to try playing golf.

11. I prefer watching basketball over football (don’t kill me!).


My answers to the questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?

It was my New Year’s resolution to start doing things I didn’t do only because I was scared (scared of failing or whatever it was). And having a blog as a hobby was one of them.

2. Where did your blog name come from?

It actually reflects the fact that I wasn’t sure what my blog was supposed to be about. I didn’t have one main topic and decided that I’d figure it out later and write about things I’m passionate in my life. And Amila is my name, just a different letter sequence. :)

3. What’s your favourite of my own posts?

My own favourite post would be the one about dealing with nasty people I guess. I wrote it while being in the situation where I myself needed this kind of post as an advice. It was sort of a therapeutic post for me, haha :)

4. How do you find new blogs to follow?

When somebody comments on my blog, I always visit theirs and usually find interesting blogs. I actually also visit bloggers that others nominate in the award posts. Twitter has also led me to some amazing bloggers I didn’t know about.

5. Would you ever stop following a blog? Why?

Just one thing might be the reason, at least for now. If I really like the blog and comment on it often and never or almost never get an answer, I think one of the times when I visit it to check for the answer might be the last time.

6. What is your opinion on commenting on blog posts?

I tend to push the like button more often then I comment but I still do comment whenever I have anything to say or just to give a compliment if I feel like I want to. So, I think it’s a great way to show that you appreciate the blogger and their posts or to share your thoughts on something.

7. Name one author whose books you will always read?

Actually the authors I’m in love with will never write anything anymore. And I don’t really have  a favourite contemporary author yet.

8. If you could only recommend one book for another to read, what would it be and why?

I would recomment Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”. It’s not a funny book. Not really full of adventures or the most interesting plot either. It’s a cruel, mind-chaning book developing the theme about cultural beauty standards and its effects on girls. But it’s fiction, and a really good fiction that teaches something. It’s also easy to read, and Morrison’s writing style is interesting, so I would recommend it.

9. What is your most anticipated read of 2014?

It was the Fault in Our Stars just because I heard so so so much about it. But I’ve already read it!

10. Who is your favourite Designer?

I honestly don’t have one. I have a favourite model though, but it’s off the topic. :D

11. How do you pick your outfits?

It absolutely depends on the occasion and the mood I’m in. I don’t have any rules for that. :)


Have a great night everyone!

Amila ♥


June Favourites


Hello everyone!

I decided to do my first ever favourites post. I know it’s kind of typical for any kind of bloggers but I definitely like reading those and thought I might try doing it myself. Let’s start!

  • Favourite Book


Although there are many different opinions about this book, The Fault In Our Stars is on the top of the books I read this month. It just touched something I was kind of forced to think about lately and made me realize a few things. And this is exactly what I appreciate in any book I read.

  • Favourite Movie


Sometimes, when your head is full of thoughts about daily responsibilities, negativity or thoughts about how tired you are, I think what you need is a good, colorful, and funny movie for kids. Exactly, for kids. The one in which little squirrels are chasing a few nuts as if it’s the mission of their life, then they meet a silly-looking dog that helps them out here and there and finally, the problems are always solved. So when I had such a day this month, I watched The Nut Job. It turned out to be exactly what I needed.

  • Favourite new wardrobe item


D&G striped sweater is a new thing I got recently. Somehow it’s not very clear in the photo, but it has a very nice green-ish color of the stripes (in the photo it looks darker than it actually is though) and is very soft. Our summer is far from perfect right now, so I already had a chance to wear it and really liked it!

  • Favourite Song


I am aware of that the first thought that may pop up in your head now is “oh my god, it’s so old” and that everybody has already moved on to another brand new song that’s a hit right now. But this is what happens to me seriously too often. I might find something the whole world is listening to absolutely not interesting but one day the same song just hits something in me and I start listening to it 24/7, then playing it on the piano and enjoying it while everyone else finds it old and has their new favourite songs. Anyway, this song is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Have you seen her performing it live? Magical!

  • Favourite Beauty Product

AVON Advanced Techniques Dry Ends Serum

In June I bought AVON Advanced Techniques Dry Ends Serum for the second time because I liked it very much the first time. If you’d like to read my review about it, here it is. (I’d love it if you did!)

  • Favourite Event


Well, yes. Graduation was the event of the month. It was very important to me and left me at the point where literally every step I make matters a lot. I’m in a creative process of planning my life right now. Although I am sure that life never really goes 100% according to the plan, I always find them helpful.

  • Favourite Quote

  • Favourite Song Cover


 So, I don’t think you know it, but I’m a music person. From listening to it, playing it or even unprofessionally creating it. I also have a habbit of listening to various song covers. I find new voices I love every week. This June, the favourite song cover I found was definitely Macy Kate and her cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. You can see her cover here and her youtube channel here. I also found out about a TV show I’d never heard before and apparently she was a contestant there (it’s called Rising Star. Anyone? ).

  • Favourite Fitness Motivation

Isn’t that something we should always remember?

  • Favourite Jewellery Item


  • Favourite Blog Post


I have to admit, though. There were so many great posts I read in June. So picking just a single post as a favourite is quite difficult and it’s more like a random pick from a bunch of the favourite ones I had a chance to read. However, I really like Helen’s blog and this post of hers seems like a very useful one for me and other girls. We all know what a difficult task choosing the right foundation might be, so a few tips can always help! What I particularly like about this post is that she provides the readers with the links to the online shops where you can find the mentioned foundations. Take a look. :)


So! If you have any kind of thoughts about any of the favourites I mentioned, feel free to let me know!


#100HappyDays Challenge – the last 9 days!


#100HappyDays Challenge - the last 9 days!

Don’t you just want to scream sometimes when you realize how much time has passed since some particular moment of your life? I mean, it’s the 100th day of my #100HappyDays challenge and I just can’t believe that. I seriously want all the scientists of the world stop doing what they do and invent something to slow down the time. Seriously!

Anyway, I looked at all the photos I took during these 100 days and am in the middle of printing them all right now. They are going to appear on my wall to remind me of the things I enjoyed the most. A few examples:

1. I graduated from university, which means ending one part of my life and stepping towards the other. Scary, new but certainly exciting!
2. I travelled to Spain for the first time in my life and, judging from the photos I took, I captured about 800 happy moments of my life.
3. Sushi, pizza, and chocolate are my favourites. Well, this kind of lifestyle certainly requires more dedication to working out. I should think more about it.
4. The majority of happy moments were related to spending time with my friends and doing whatever we did or going wherever we went. This applies to so many more days of my life but these days were a great proof of how lucky I am to have such people around.
5. Our cactus that hadn’t had a blossom for abour 5 years finally showed its beauty during the challenge. I should mention that the cactus itself exists for 5 years, so that was surprising.
6. During the challenge I also found some places worth visiting in my country, took the photos and decided to come back.
7. The biggest source of cuteness during these days were cats, dogs, and a hedgehog. Well.

Now when the challenge is completed, I have to figure out how to stop taking photos everywhere I go.