Summer Body Lotion – AVON



I recently bought something new from AVON and wanted to share it with the beauty lovers! I’ve already spoke about how happy I was with the hair serum from AVON so I thought it was time to try out some other of their products.

I bought AVON Sensuelle body lotion of the scent I literally adore. They offer the body lotion, perfume and hand cream of the same scent, which is kind of typical for AVON. I guess they think if you like some particular scent, you may as well like having it everywhere on your body. Well, I can’t complain. I think it’s a better idea than having ten thousand different scents on you.

The scent is the main reason I bought it. If you tried this, you may help with describing it as I’m terrible at describing scents! I either like it or not. What I can definitely say is that it smells fresh and seems perfect for summer. It does have a slightly stronger scent than usual body lotions. Personally, this one definitely seems more suitable for using before going out than before going to sleep. I kind of  see it as body perfume . It’s also quite fluid, actually more fluid than body lotions that are meant to moisturize your skin.

It says “smooth over body whenever needed” on the back but we could’ve figured it out by ourselves, right?


Amila ♥

Liebster award!


I’m very surprised that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award again and want to thank the lovely blogger very much! You can check out her Chinese Whispers blog!

However, I’d been nominated for this award twice before so I’m not going to nominate another 11 bloggers. But I’m more than happy to answer the questions that come with the nomination.

So here are the rules:

  • First, post 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Then, answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you will post.
  • Finally, choose 11 new blogs with under 200 followers for their Liebster Award, notify them that they have been nominated, and think of 11 questions for them to answer!

Getting straight to the point here!

11 random facts about me:

1. Tomorrow I’m going to Sweden again and am praying for a good weather there.

2. I used to collect candles and now have 34 of them. Now I’m trying to use them as often as possible and don’t feel like collecting them anymore.

3.  I’m a huge fighter for all kinds of rigths.

4. I’m addicted to coffee, music, and tumblr. I’m sure there are more things but these 3 came to my mind instantly.

5. I’m in love with Di Palomo beauty products.

6. I don’t like alcohol except for wine.

7. When I was 6, I wrote “a book” about a guy, who actually was my neighbour, and I used to follow him everywhere for a couple of days saying I was doing my research. Naughty child I was.

8. I always wear 2 rings. I don’t know why and when it started but now it’s an undeniable habit.

9. My secret crazy dream would be to appear in a movie as an extra at least once in my life.

10. One of my new desires is to try playing golf.

11. I prefer watching basketball over football (don’t kill me!).


My answers to the questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?

It was my New Year’s resolution to start doing things I didn’t do only because I was scared (scared of failing or whatever it was). And having a blog as a hobby was one of them.

2. Where did your blog name come from?

It actually reflects the fact that I wasn’t sure what my blog was supposed to be about. I didn’t have one main topic and decided that I’d figure it out later and write about things I’m passionate in my life. And Amila is my name, just a different letter sequence. :)

3. What’s your favourite of my own posts?

My own favourite post would be the one about dealing with nasty people I guess. I wrote it while being in the situation where I myself needed this kind of post as an advice. It was sort of a therapeutic post for me, haha :)

4. How do you find new blogs to follow?

When somebody comments on my blog, I always visit theirs and usually find interesting blogs. I actually also visit bloggers that others nominate in the award posts. Twitter has also led me to some amazing bloggers I didn’t know about.

5. Would you ever stop following a blog? Why?

Just one thing might be the reason, at least for now. If I really like the blog and comment on it often and never or almost never get an answer, I think one of the times when I visit it to check for the answer might be the last time.

6. What is your opinion on commenting on blog posts?

I tend to push the like button more often then I comment but I still do comment whenever I have anything to say or just to give a compliment if I feel like I want to. So, I think it’s a great way to show that you appreciate the blogger and their posts or to share your thoughts on something.

7. Name one author whose books you will always read?

Actually the authors I’m in love with will never write anything anymore. And I don’t really have  a favourite contemporary author yet.

8. If you could only recommend one book for another to read, what would it be and why?

I would recomment Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”. It’s not a funny book. Not really full of adventures or the most interesting plot either. It’s a cruel, mind-chaning book developing the theme about cultural beauty standards and its effects on girls. But it’s fiction, and a really good fiction that teaches something. It’s also easy to read, and Morrison’s writing style is interesting, so I would recommend it.

9. What is your most anticipated read of 2014?

It was the Fault in Our Stars just because I heard so so so much about it. But I’ve already read it!

10. Who is your favourite Designer?

I honestly don’t have one. I have a favourite model though, but it’s off the topic. :D

11. How do you pick your outfits?

It absolutely depends on the occasion and the mood I’m in. I don’t have any rules for that. :)


Have a great night everyone!

Amila ♥


June Favourites


Hello everyone!

I decided to do my first ever favourites post. I know it’s kind of typical for any kind of bloggers but I definitely like reading those and thought I might try doing it myself. Let’s start!

  • Favourite Book


Although there are many different opinions about this book, The Fault In Our Stars is on the top of the books I read this month. It just touched something I was kind of forced to think about lately and made me realize a few things. And this is exactly what I appreciate in any book I read.

  • Favourite Movie


Sometimes, when your head is full of thoughts about daily responsibilities, negativity or thoughts about how tired you are, I think what you need is a good, colorful, and funny movie for kids. Exactly, for kids. The one in which little squirrels are chasing a few nuts as if it’s the mission of their life, then they meet a silly-looking dog that helps them out here and there and finally, the problems are always solved. So when I had such a day this month, I watched The Nut Job. It turned out to be exactly what I needed.

  • Favourite new wardrobe item


D&G striped sweater is a new thing I got recently. Somehow it’s not very clear in the photo, but it has a very nice green-ish color of the stripes (in the photo it looks darker than it actually is though) and is very soft. Our summer is far from perfect right now, so I already had a chance to wear it and really liked it!

  • Favourite Song


I am aware of that the first thought that may pop up in your head now is “oh my god, it’s so old” and that everybody has already moved on to another brand new song that’s a hit right now. But this is what happens to me seriously too often. I might find something the whole world is listening to absolutely not interesting but one day the same song just hits something in me and I start listening to it 24/7, then playing it on the piano and enjoying it while everyone else finds it old and has their new favourite songs. Anyway, this song is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Have you seen her performing it live? Magical!

  • Favourite Beauty Product

AVON Advanced Techniques Dry Ends Serum

In June I bought AVON Advanced Techniques Dry Ends Serum for the second time because I liked it very much the first time. If you’d like to read my review about it, here it is. (I’d love it if you did!)

  • Favourite Event


Well, yes. Graduation was the event of the month. It was very important to me and left me at the point where literally every step I make matters a lot. I’m in a creative process of planning my life right now. Although I am sure that life never really goes 100% according to the plan, I always find them helpful.

  • Favourite Quote

  • Favourite Song Cover


 So, I don’t think you know it, but I’m a music person. From listening to it, playing it or even unprofessionally creating it. I also have a habbit of listening to various song covers. I find new voices I love every week. This June, the favourite song cover I found was definitely Macy Kate and her cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. You can see her cover here and her youtube channel here. I also found out about a TV show I’d never heard before and apparently she was a contestant there (it’s called Rising Star. Anyone? ).

  • Favourite Fitness Motivation

Isn’t that something we should always remember?

  • Favourite Jewellery Item


  • Favourite Blog Post


I have to admit, though. There were so many great posts I read in June. So picking just a single post as a favourite is quite difficult and it’s more like a random pick from a bunch of the favourite ones I had a chance to read. However, I really like Helen’s blog and this post of hers seems like a very useful one for me and other girls. We all know what a difficult task choosing the right foundation might be, so a few tips can always help! What I particularly like about this post is that she provides the readers with the links to the online shops where you can find the mentioned foundations. Take a look. :)


So! If you have any kind of thoughts about any of the favourites I mentioned, feel free to let me know!


#100HappyDays Challenge – the last 9 days!

#100HappyDays Challenge - the last 9 days!

Don’t you just want to scream sometimes when you realize how much time has passed since some particular moment of your life? I mean, it’s the 100th day of my #100HappyDays challenge and I just can’t believe that. I seriously want all the scientists of the world stop doing what they do and invent something to slow down the time. Seriously!

Anyway, I looked at all the photos I took during these 100 days and am in the middle of printing them all right now. They are going to appear on my wall to remind me of the things I enjoyed the most. A few examples:

1. I graduated from university, which means ending one part of my life and stepping towards the other. Scary, new but certainly exciting!
2. I travelled to Spain for the first time in my life and, judging from the photos I took, I captured about 800 happy moments of my life.
3. Sushi, pizza, and chocolate are my favourites. Well, this kind of lifestyle certainly requires more dedication to working out. I should think more about it.
4. The majority of happy moments were related to spending time with my friends and doing whatever we did or going wherever we went. This applies to so many more days of my life but these days were a great proof of how lucky I am to have such people around.
5. Our cactus that hadn’t had a blossom for abour 5 years finally showed its beauty during the challenge. I should mention that the cactus itself exists for 5 years, so that was surprising.
6. During the challenge I also found some places worth visiting in my country, took the photos and decided to come back.
7. The biggest source of cuteness during these days were cats, dogs, and a hedgehog. Well.

Now when the challenge is completed, I have to figure out how to stop taking photos everywhere I go.


#100HappyDays Challenge – Week 13

#100HappyDays Challenge – Week 13


I can’t believe it, after this 100 happy days challenge post, there are only 9 days to go until the challenge’s completed! I’m definitely printing all of the collages and pinning them to my cork board after.

Anyway, this week I officially graduated from uni, together with a few of my best friends. The week of celebrations! It was a lot of fun but tiring as well. Spending my last day (91st day of the challenge) in bed, with music and my laptop. This explains the last photo taken from the bed.

Have a great day, lazy or not!

Technic Kajal Kohl Eyeliner Crayon

 Obviously, there is a huge variety of eyeliners out there in the beauty market. Everyone can find that one perfect eyeliner for themselves or for a specific kind of make up. You can also experiment a lot and try something new every time, that’s how many different eyeliners there are. I usually like those that allows you to make the thinnest line as close to the upper lash line as possible. However, I decided to try something different this time.

Technic Kajal Kohl Eyeliner Crayon is a cheap (about £1.50 – £ 2) eyeliner that you can find and buy online.


It comes in a very simple packaging and even though there is not a huge amount of the product itself, it’s easy to apply. You can see it’s quite pigmented and can be applied to make the lines of different color intensity.



Also, it’s no surprise that the lines are quite wide. I mean, the top of the crayon looks massive to me if compared to other eyeliners I have. Actually, it doesn’t look very comfortable, especially the fact that it gets even wider and more massive going down to the bottom. No super  thin lines that I love so much are possible to draw with this kind of a crayon.



I actually tried this a few times but it’s not something I’d like to use daily. So, I decided to leave it for a certain type of make up. The lines are too wide for my taste if we speak about an everyday make up. However, if you like to stress your eyes and wear brave massive lines on the daily basis , you may like it! I personally find it perfect for an evening makeup.

Also, I think it’s very useful for a smokey eyes make-up. As it’s quite creamy, you can easily apply it on the eyelid without even trying to draw a perfectly straight line, and then just rub it with your fingers or a brush  to spread it  as much as you want.

I like to have such an eyeliner in my make up bag but wouldn’t consider buying this again. Not that I don’t find it any good but since I use it very rarely, it’ll be enough for a long time.

If you’ ever tried it too, let me know how you liked it!

Amila ♥

#100HappyDays Challenge – Week 12

Time goes faster than I can understand. I wake up and go to sleep, wake up again and have to deal with the fact that it’s the middle of June. But on Sundays, I make another 100 happy days challenge photo collage and realize how much has happened during the week. Every photo, even the silliest or the simplest of them, has a story behind it. And I love the fact that even though I sometimes can’t remember what I did the day before, I do remember every story of every photo just by glancing at it. Once again, I’m so glad I decided to do the challenge.

This week’s moments:


Amila ♥



Summer Reading: The Fault in Our Stars


For the past couple of days, I’ve been reading this book a lot of people are talking about now. The Fault in Our Stars is a book John Green wrote about two teens who have cancer and find each other during their battle with it. I know Green’s books are quite controversial as there are as many people who don’t like them. However, after The Fault in Our Stars I’d love to read some other books he wrote.  I can’t and don’t want to give any spoilers about this story but I think everyone whould just read it.

I can tell one thing, though. When I started hearing so much about the book, I decided to try it only because of how famous it had become (and also because I knew that Shailene Woodley was  going to be the main character in the movie). However, when I started reading I couldn’t avoid thinking that it would be a simple teenage love story with a very obvious way to make the readers care and maybe cry more. But very soon I understood that nothing is as simple as it looked in that story. By the end of the book I’ve been crying indeed. Through the whole 2 chapters non-stop and not only because of  the characters or events in the story. I cried so much because of the messege I’ve got from the book. I guess everyone takes something different from reading the same book but the messege I got was heartbreaking to me. It’s also very personal so instead of telling you what I understood after reading it, I suggest you  take some time to read the book yourselves and realize what your own messege is. All time spent reading this books is well spent time.

Just a few quotes from the book.


the fault in our stars quotes






Amila ♥

P.s Someone quite accurately summarized the possible feelings after reading this book.


#100HappyDays Challenge – Week 11


Here’s my Sunday 100 Happy Days challenge post (although 40 past midnight so I’m officially late) but without any comments on each day of the week. I’d like to only give this quote that has always been special to me but right now it summarizes every moment of happiness I had during the week.

Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people. – Nicholas Sparks


I hope you had your happy moments this week. And the right people.

Amila ♥

Haircare Product for Dry Ends


I want to dedicate a post for a haircare product because I’ve just repurchased it again, without a second thought, and I rarely do that. Trying new beauty products is the joy of it all to me, so buying something exactly the same twice means I found something that works perfect for me.

And this Dry Ends hair serum does work indeed!


AVON Advanced Techniques Dry Ends SerumI’ve got this serum from an AVON representative. It comes in 30ml glass bottles and is suitable for all hair types (as claimed on the bottle). The serum is supposed to take care of your dry hair ends by making them healthy and shiny. Made in Poland.

How to use?

No extra work or time is required when applying the serum on your hair. Just take a few drops and massage them into the ends of your hair (may be just washed or dried already). Then, style as usual. The most important thing here is not overusing. I suggest trying a different amount of the serum several times after washing your hair so you could find how much of it works best for you. (I myself seemed to forget what the word “moderation” meant when trying this product for the first time, and let me tell you, the end result wasn’t what I expected.)

My thoughts on the product

What I like the most about this product is its scent. The scent of the hair products I use is as important to me as the scent of my perfume. Whatever you use on your hair is most likely to stay for quite some time, and who wants to risk having a bad smelling hair for a whole day? So, its scent seems very nice and fresh enough for the summer. It’s not too strong, though, which I like as well.

Another thing is that after using the first bottle regularly for, I think, 2 weeks, I saw some noticeable change on my hair. Originally, at that time they seemed tired, too thin and dry after the winter season but very soon they became healthier, shinier and my dry ends weren’t that dry anymore. It also reduces frizz (very important for those who blow-dry their hair regularly) and the best thing ever is that it doesn’t leave the hair greasy! I personally love it and think it’s just perfect for my hair type.

However, if you’ve used quite a few different serums/oils for hair, you should notice that this Dry Ends Serum is not really that oily as such products usually are. So, I wouldn’t recommend it for those who have extremely dry hair. I think this one is more of a casual product, which you could regularly use even if your hair is quite healthy (just to add some extra shine and softness to your hair). But extremely dry ends would need something stronger. Also, although it claims to be suitable for all hair types, I know for a fact that there are some people who don’t find it suitable for theirs.

Anyway, I can only tell good things about it. So give it a try, if you’re looking for something cheaper, effective and like trying new haircare products!

If you’ve already tried this, let me know about your experience with the product!

Amila ♥